Orun Energy: How ESCOS can reduce your energy opex by 30-35%

A closer look at site design to minimise opex: choosing the right generator, shelter, air conditioning, outdoor equipment and RMS

Read this article to learn:

  • What is an ESCO and how do they help reduce power opex for telecoms?
  • The role of ERP systems in plotting and comparing sites, and in tracking performance against SLAs
  • How to re-engineer cell sites with excess shelter and generator capacity
  • The need for partnerships to drive value and accelerate universal access initiatives
  • Why opex at a site can increase by 50-60% as you move from well connected urban areas to remote, off-grid rural sites

Orun Energy can demonstrate spectacular cost savings at a single outdoor and three indoor sites in the remote mountainous region of Rajasthan, India, where they’ve have been able to reduce diesel consumption by 86-92%. We asked Orun’s founder Kwabena Rangi Smith for his advice on how to achieve similar opex savings in Africa… TowerXchange: Where…

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