How investible is Argentina? Lessons learned at the 3rd TowerXchange Meetup Americas

Tower hungry and attractive, Argentina still has much to prove to towercos and investors

Read this article to learn:

  • The aftermath of the 2015 Presidential elections: what has changed so far
  • The role of the Investment Promotion Agency within the Ministry of Telecoms
  • 25,000 new towers needed in Argentina (and not enough towercos at work)
  • Limitations on tower transactions in Argentina and a potential work-around
  • Continuity and certainty needed to invest and commit to the country

During the third TowerXchange Meetup Americas, TowerXchange hosted a panel entirely focused on Argentina to discuss the current state and future outlook of the country’s telecom market as well as several roundtables looking at the investibility of Argentina, its challenges and opportunities. During the Argentina panel, we welcomed on stage four experts representing different sides…

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