How Irrawaddy Green Towers plans to rollout 1,500 towers for Telenor Myanmar

The progressive attitude of government is facilitating the co-ordinated, accelerated rollout of independently owned towers

Read this article to learn:

  • The origins of Irrawaddy Green Towers: a JV between Golden Towers and VIOM/QUIPPO
  • Leveraging Community Centres to provide ancillary services at remote cell sites
  • The implications of under-developed transport infrastructure – limiting the weight of physical loads
  • Irrawaddy’s TCO focused procurement strategy – looking for better than 20% IRR
  • Government support: temporary licenses for towercos, easing access to government land, and not permitting duplication of sites

John Stevens is a tower industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience, having served in senior management positions and rolled out thousands of towers with US Unwired, Tarpon Towers and Sprint PCS. However, John is probably best known as the former CTO of SBA Communications, where his responsibilities included sales and incubating SBA Power Services….

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