Invendis: How RMS adds value to multi-tenant towers

Invendis enables separate energy bills for each tenant, resolves SLA disputes, reduces manpower costs and gives management visibility into tower performance

Read this article to learn:

  • How to optimise selection of energy source to reduce energy opex
  • The criticality of remote management of air conditioning in tropical climates
  • Insights into how towercos trial and buy solutions
  • A comparison of RMS installation costs in India and Africa
  • Why equipment with integrated sensors is an opportunity not a threat for RMS companies

Invendis (INVENt and DIScover) is a telematics technology developer from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. They have developed an RMS solution that adapts perfectly to the tropical climates in India and Africa, and which is in use today monitoring over 24,000 towers, most with multiple tenants. Invendis are one of the few RMS suppliers…

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