TIA Telecom: How to audit your asset register to improve the accuracy of valuations

How to ensure what you see in the asset register and what you see in the field are exactly the same

Read this article to learn:

  • What is the average level of deviation between an asset register and what you see in the field? And what are the implications for valuation?
  • How inaccurate location information and leaving disused equipment on sites destroys value
  • How TIA's data fields are tailored to the requirements of buyer, seller and evaluator
  • How the digitisation and geolocation of data at source enables a constant stream of data instead of one big block

TIA Telecom have audited over 15,000 cell sites in Africa, the US and UK, and have recently been engaged by the leading cellular operator in Africa to conduct a group wide site, switch and facilities audit. TowerXchange spoke to TIA’S CEO Lance Dickerson for a rare insight into the quality control and verification processes behind…

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