AIO Systems: How to build a separate P&L for each tenant

Site management, monitoring, maintenance, energy efficiency, hybrid system and security All In One System

Read this article to learn:

  • Why “site monitoring” alone does not meet the site efficiency requirements of tower operators
  • How to use a proof of concept phase to demonstrate RoI and fine-tune deployment
  • The six ways in which all in one site management systems deliver RoI
  • How to enable a P&L for each tenant according to asset and energy utilisation at each site
  • How to leverage cloud NOC services to verify that the system is being used correctly

Site monitoring alone is not enough to optimise site efficiency, according to AIO Systems, who use a service-oriented, total site management business model to deliver 34% opex reductions to telecom tower operators. AIO Systems has installed tens of thousands of units worldwide, more than half of which are in Africa, and they pride themselves on…

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