Telemisis: How to combat fuel theft

Tamper protected sensors reveal fuel theft at sites while comparing fuel alerts with invoices deters fraud

Read this article to learn:

  • The importance of tamper-protected RMS in minimizing fuel theft within the supply chain
  • How to prevent the damage caused by kerosene contamination
  • The importance of remote upgrade and reprogramming of RMS to minimize site visits
  • How self-configuring RMS reduces reliance on high skilled deployment technicians
  • How data from RMS is filtered to support different users, from technicians monitoring local alarms to management comparing and selecting equipment and service providers

Fuel theft is believed to add up to 30% to energy opex in Africa. In the battle with the diesel mafia, how can RMS tip the conflict in favour of the tower owner? TowerXchange wanted to learn more about fuel theft, and learn more about how to configure and filter RMS data to meet the…

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