How to connect landowners willing to lease/sell property to carriers and towercos

In three months, telecom property portal MyTower has already indexed over 2,000 sites in Brazil

Read this article to learn:

  • The story behind the launch of MyTower and their early successes
  • Who uses a telecom property portal like MyTower, MNOs, towercos or site hunters?
  • The coverage gap in Brazil – carriers are only serving 88.6-91.9% of the required municipalities
  • The potential to extend the MyTower business model beyond Brazil

Four years ago, Tiago Albino was struggling to lead a metropolitan network project for a group of Brazilian banks, but he ran into a problem familiar to most people in the tower industry – few people were prepared to lease space for their antenna. Tiago decided to bridge the gap by building the MyTower portal,…

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