How to improve cell site productivity and workforce management

Data is the key to productivity

Read this article to learn:

  • How Acsys are expanding their focus outside of security to better monitor workforce patterns at cell sites
  • Which third party systems and metrics can be integrated to develop a holistic picture of cell site operations
  • How data can be used to develop job based KPIs and SLA clauses to monitor and improve productivity
  • What trends are starting to be observed on optimal completion times for key maintenance tasks
  • How Acsys’ system is being adopted and customised by infracos

To date, monitoring of workforce activity on cell sites has been reliant on the use of disparate systems, paper records and word of mouth. Acsys, best known in the telecoms sector for their access control systems, is now expanding their focus to develop a platform which integrates access data with data points from multiple third…

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