How to regulate the telecom tower industry

Lessons learned from the IFC and TowerXchange’s inaugural Telecom Tower Regulatory conference

Read this article to learn:

  • How towercos can accelerate National Broadband Plans and enhance critical infrastructure
  • Why foreign direct investment in towers should be encouraged
  • Easing permitting and rights of way can significantly accelerate rollouts
  • How regulators can educate citizens on EMF awareness and combat the NIMBY mentality
  • The relative merits of registration versus licensing

The IFC and TowerXchange joined forces to host key regulatory stakeholders from four Asian countries, plus industry leaders including TAIPA, American Tower, edotco and PwC, at our inaugural Telecom Tower Regulatory conference, held after the TowerXchange Meetup Asia in December 2016. Discussion points and recommendations from this think tank are summarised in this article. Summary…

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