How to resolve the ‘Mexican standoff’ on tower power in Myanmar

Myanmar Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association initiated at TowerXchange Meetup Asia

Read this article to learn:

  • What is causing the delays to the Myanmar tower rollout?
  • Why Telenor and Ooredoo’s differing approaches to power is adversely affecting tower sharing
  • Could the ESCO business model be the answer?
  • How consolidation of towercos and separation of powercos could redefine the tower ecosystem in Myanmar
  • The formation of the Myanmar Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association to create a single voice to liaise with the MIC and to share best practice

TowerXchange don’t want to critique a Myanmar tower rollout that is already transforming the lives of the citizens, but the reality is that operational challenges continue to delay “the last great greenfield telecoms rollout”. We should emphasise at the outset that subscribers are signing up in their millions, inflated tariffs have plummeted, and towers are…

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