How to structure a joint venture towerco

Operational issues should be covered by the MLA, not the JVA

Read this article to learn:

  • How to balance MNO’s need for control with the need for towercos to be independent to maximise co-location sales
  • How to use the MLA to protect MNO’s operational needs, and using the JVA to protect MNO’s investment
  • How to add a new party to a joint venture towerco: experiences in Tanzania
  • How the management of competitively sensitive information is governed within a joint venture towerco

Vinson & Elkins have been advising on tower transactions for decades. Previously they represented American Tower, and more recently they represented Crown Castle during their push into Europe, when a flurry or potential tower transactions was triggered by MNOs’ need to raise capital for their 3G licenses. When the emerging market tower industry started to…

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