How to unlock energy opex efficiencies – index of RMS and ILM solutions (Updated February 2015)

Reviewing the proposition and providers of infrastructure lifecycle management systems

Read this article to learn:

  • How misalignment of incentives within the maintenance and energy supply chain harms the green power value proposition
  • How a combination of RMS, ILM and access control systems can close the loop, creating accountability in workflows
  • An index of RMS, ILM and access control systems profiled in TowerXchange
  • Illustrative case study of cell site maintenance with and without intelligent data analytics

Intelligence platforms for the tower industry Over the last two years TowerXchange have built a comprehensive library of profiles of intelligence platforms purpose-built for the tower industry. These different platforms share a common three-phase objective: 1. Collect and integrate remote monitoring and performance data from cell sites and supply chains 2. Analyse data to identify…

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