How Vodafone improves energy efficiency within their Network Site Infrastructure

How to optimise energy efficiency at cell sites in different grid and temperature conditions

Read this article to learn:

  • How to match selection of energy solutions to grid availability, power load and shelter temperature
  • Under what circumstances do power cubes offer a competitive TCO?
  • How to select the right energy storage solution based on grid availability, shelter temperature and risk of theft
  • The business case for lithium-ion and flow batteries
  • Cooling represents an average of 30 % to 35% of energy power consumption– how do Vodafone make cooling more efficient?

What is the ideal combination of energy generation, energy storage and air conditioning equipment to optimising energy efficiency at cell sites with different levels of grid availability? TowerXchange spoke to Barry Kingsland, Vodafone’s Group Head of Energy, and Solange Karwera, Vodafone’s Senior Category Manager for Network Site Infrastructure. Barry is a recognised leader in energy…

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