If diversification is the keyword, AT&T is a winner

Verizon and AT&T adopt contrasting growth strategies, one of which is particularly pertinent to international towers

Read this article to learn:

  • AT&T’s expansion beyond its U.S. wireless service
  • Verizon sticks to known territory and focuses on wireless
  • Why Mexico is a good move for AT&T
  • The slowing of AT&T’s domestic spend with towercos and the feeding frenzy they’ve prompted in Mexico
  • DirecTV and U-verse: different - and appealing - revenue streams

While in Brazil, many executives I met were still wondering why AT&T hadn’t invested in South American telecoms. The rumour has been going on for so long, people started to refer to it as a urban myth. Of course in the meantime, AT&T put US$67bn on the table to acquire DirecTV, a transaction which is…

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