NAAP: Infrastructure lifecycle management

How to increase efficiency, save opex and enhance business intelligence

Read this article to learn:

  • The importance of a single data set, and a standard site list, plus a platform to access and modify data on the fly
  • The role of infrastructure lifecycle management in network modernisations such as LTE
  • Integrating infrastructure lifecycle management with third party access control and RMS
  • Using and re-using 3D laser scans to understand the value and capacity of towers without having to visit sites

“It’s like a telecom industry specific ERP,” says NAAP Global Solutions’ Don van Splunteren, urging carriers and towercos to take a look at the new functionality of their infrastructure lifecycle management solution. NAAP has leveraged being part of the same investment group as 42 year old tower manufacturer Neptuno, and from the lessons learned from…

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