Inside the due diligence process from both the operator and towerco perspective

Why having an acceptable database of towers is important, but why knowing your organisational goals is even more important

Read this article to learn:

  • Millicom’s objectives when structuring infrastructuring deals with Helios in Ghana, Tanzania and DRC
  • How to prepare a tower database that is “acceptable” for negotiation with towercos
  • The “lumpy” road to achieving target tenancy ratios
  • How to novate and transfer hundreds of leases
  • Helios Towers Africa’s appetite for country risk

Neil Taylor joined Helios Towers Africa in May 2011. Neil has a unique perspective on leading due diligence processes for infrastructure sharing transactions as he’s sat on both the buyers and seller’s side of the negotiating table; Neil was previously General Counsel at Millicom and part of the core team that structured joint venture towercos…

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