Introduction to the tower industry in Cameroon

IHS acquired or operates 90% of towers in Cameroon; Viettel launches 3G in September 2014

Read this article to learn:

  • Mobile penetration and coverage in Cameroon
  • The competitive landscape for MNOs
  • Viettel’s 3G launch timetable and YooMee’s 4G service
  • Current adoption of green power and IHS’s energy efficiency investment timetable

Two major shakeups have brought about a period of unprecedented change and opportunity in the hitherto under-developed Cameroon telecommunications market. The transfer of over 1,900 towers by both market leading MNOs, MTN and Orange, to IHS Africa has coincided with the licensing of new market entrant Viettel. Viettel’s March 2014 launch was recently postponed to…

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