IPS unleashes the Off-Grid Beast!

EXERON runs virtually maintenance free, and can reduce opex by 96%!

Read this article to learn:

  • How IPS developed and attracted investment into EXERON – The Off-Grid Beast
  • Reducing telecom opex by 96% with a 16 month ROI on a 1.5 kW load site
  • How dynamic control of battery charging can extend battery life by 30%
  • How IPS simplify delivery, installation and maintenance
  • The importance of all the power systems, enclosures and A/C equipment coming from the same manufacturer

International Power Supply (IPS) has developed a robust, military-grade off-grid power solution, which has now been refined for virtually maintenance free operation in telecom applications. IPS’s modular solution is readily upgradeable for the era of infrastructure sharing, and has the advantage of all the components having been developed and sourced from the same manufacturer. TowerXchange…

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