Iran’s first towerco

An interview with Fanasia CEO, Hossein Khodayari

Read this article to learn:

  • Key mobile market dynamics in Iran
  • Why infrastructure sharing in the country has been limited to date
  • Fanasia’s business model and projections for growth
  • Fanasia’s design and manufacturing preferences
  • What technologies, solutions and partners Fanasia are currently looking for
  • The potential for towerco competition in Iran and Fanasia’s plans for international expansion

With 118mn mobile subscribers, Iran is the Middle East’s largest mobile market. Infrastructure sharing in the country has to date been limited with less than 2% of sites being shared between the country’s three national, and two regional, MNOs. Starting their towerco business in 2014, Fanasia are Iran’s first (and only) towerco who, with the…

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