Jabil Inala launch a new site monitoring and analytics platform

Developments in miniaturisation, ease of programming and intelligent analysis

Read this article to learn:

  • The five focus areas of Jabil Inala’s business
  • How Telemisis’ SiteNode controller will be incorporated into Jabil Inala’s new monitoring platform
  • Details of Jabil Inala’s new web-based site analytics platform and its ability to recognise trends across a network
  • The principal improvements on Jabil Inala’s existing SAM platform
  • How the new product line will affect existing customers and how extensively tested it has been

Jabil Inala are launching a new site monitoring and analytics platform with major improvements in both the hardware and software which will take over from their existing SAM product line. The new platform will incorporate Telemisis’ SiteNode controller and a new web-based analytics platform developed with South African software provider, IMQS. We speak to Jabil…

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