Jeff Stoops on SBA’s leveraged capital appreciation strategy

Much has changed but SBA CEO’s strategic vision remains consistent

Read this article to learn:

  • From tower builder to tower owner; asset-light to asset-intensive
  • Lessons learned when the bubble burst in 2002: the danger of over-leveraging
  • SBA’s expansion South and North of the border: key drivers, challenges and opportunities
  • Snapshots of CALA tower markets: the opening of Central America’s tower market, Brazil’s economic crisis, Argentina’s potential and the outlook for Cuba
  • SBA’s vision for the next ten years

SBA Communications CEO Jeffrey Stoops reflects on his tenure with the company from the inception of the independent towerco business model in the late nineties, through tough lessons learned when the bubble burst in 2002, to international expansion and a potential future REIT conversion. In this exclusive interview, Jeff shared with TowerXchange insights into the…

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