Jet powered micro turbine gensets offer a more efficient alternative to traditional DGs

Innovative solution is more cost effective, cleaner, greener, quieter, burns just about any liquid or gas fuel and breaks even compared with DGs after approximately 15 months

Read this article to learn:

  • How Bladon Jets harnessed the power of choice at 40,000ft for static power solutions
  • The size and weight advantages of MTGs over traditional DGs
  • A low maintenance solution: no oil, no water, only one big moving part
  • The importance of an energy efficient solution that compliments your existing supply chain – MTGs can run on almost any liquid or gas fuel
  • Months to breakeven/crossover in different scenarios, compared with traditional DGs

It’s not often TowerXchange comes across a genuinely innovative alternative to a traditional diesel genset that provides primary or backup power to many emerging market cell towers, but when we heard about Bladon Jet’s micro turbine gensets (MTG), we had to find out more! While the MTG is cleaner and quieter than a traditional DG,…

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