Keynote insights from AMT, SBA, GTS and Digital Bridge Management

The future of CALA telecoms according to the leaders of the region’s largest towercos

Read this article to learn:

  • How the leading towercos will extend their growth narrative in the CALA region
  • Mexico: the Telecom Reform, AT&T and Telesites
  • Success stories and further opportunities on the West Coast of Southern America and in Central America
  • The Brazilian tower industry: the next wave of M&A coming up?
  • Argentina and Cuba: views on frontier markets

It doesn’t happen every day: four executives representing the top towercos in the CALA region in terms of size of portfolio, geographical footprint and company valuation, debated the future of their industry at the second TowerXchange Meetup Americas. Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director of RBC Capital Markets moderated a panel discussion between Kurt Bagwell, President, International…

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