Leveraging Cell Sites for Mobile Edge Computing

Schneider Electric advocates standardization and mass production as enablers of edge computing and 5G realization

Read this article to learn:

  • What the opportunity is for cell site owners in edge computing
  • How to overcome the practical challenges of doubling or trebling the power load on sites
  • How do meet the uptime SLAs of data center customers
  • How to leverage standardization and mass production to improve economics and deployment of multiple Mobile Edge Computing sites

5G may be the all the buzz, but transformation at the tower has already begun as tower owners are investing to meet the needs of 4.5G. And there’s much more transformation to come. Starting with cluster sites at base stations and, before long, will move to tops of buildings and built within parking lots. Schneider Electric is at the forefront of this transformation working with leading telecom and tower operators to understand the future requirements and define their future-ready infrastructure.

Read our full article with Steven Carlini, VP Innovation and Data Center at Schneider Electric

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