Saft: Li-ion technology takes telecom backup power to the next level

New generation Li-ion batteries minimise installation size and weight while optimising backup performance and TCO

Read this article to learn:

  • The critical issues you need to consider in order to select the right battery to meet the specific requirements of a cell site
  • TCO of Li-ion versus LA batteries
  • The advantages of Li-ion batteries in terms of energy density, and the implications for the installation footprint at a cell site
  • Meeting differing backup power requirements at on-grid, unreliable grid and off-grid BTS and at larger
  • CO, DPCO and MSC sites

Effective, reliable backup power is essential for the telecommunications industry to maintain continuity of service as networks need to evolve to meet the demands of the ‘always on’ world that now includes cloud computing and high bandwidth data streaming, et cetera. Saft has used its extensive experience in the global telecoms industry to develop a…

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