Linking Managed Services with network quality assurance

Why MNOs and towercos should consider outsourcing Managed Services to Huawei to ensure efficient network operation

Read this article to learn:

  • Why low ARPUs, scarcity of telent resoucres and QoS concerns make ESA a priority region for MS
  • Huawei’s operational footprint in ESA – what is kept in-house, what is outsourced
  • The continuing importance of network optimization
  • Potential synergies in the management of passive and active infrastructure, particularly in multi-operator passive and active infrastructure management
  • How Huawei can assist with towerco’s network design

TowerXchange wanted to understand the impact of tower transactions on the Managed Services (MS) business in Africa, so we spoke to market leaders Huawei. In this exclusive interview, we examine the operation of Huawei’s MS business in Africa; how they partner with MNOs, what capabilities they consider core and keep in-house, and what is outsourced,…

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