Makasa Sun Nigeria and Ascot Industrial bring cleaner, more efficient power to IHS’s Nigerian portfolio

Read this article to learn:

  • The scope of IHS’ “big five” project in Nigeria and the role that Makasa Sun Nigeria and Ascot are playing
  • Details of the Ascot system being installed and how it matches IHS’s specifications
  • Why Makasa Sun Nigeria chose Ascot for the project
  • The stage of the project rollout and how timelines have compared to those laid out in initial plans
  • The lifespan and maintenance schedule for Ascot systems

IHS’ “big five” project in Nigeria has been designed to replace power generation systems on 15,000 sites with cleaner, more efficient solutions. TowerXchange speak to Makasa Sun Nigeria, one of the five companies selected to upgrade a portfolio of 2,500-3,000 sites as part of the project and learn about their choice of Ascot Industrial’s hybrid…

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