About the group

Over the course of 2019, TowerXchange and Analysys Mason hosted a series of four face to face focus groups (in London, Singapore, Johannesburg and Florida) designed to explore data management and utilisation within the tower industry.

Discussions revealed that towercos show high levels of interest in being able to collect, analyse and visualise data in a sophisticated way, using emerging techniques such AI for analytics and augmented reality/digital twin for remote maintenance. And they are even more interested in being able to automate a large percentage of their processes, using business intelligence to replace expensive site visits. Yet in reality, many have not yet progressed from using Excel spreadsheets for most of their data processes.

This dichotomy provides a significant opportunity to address the gap between business needs and real world practice in many towercos and in doing so, have a visible impact on the effectiveness of the tower sector. As such, TowerXchange and Analysys Mason are delighted to announce the formalisation of a data collection and utilisation working group designed to address the issues the sector faces.

The working group will continue to convene during TowerXchange Meetups, however to develop the necessary momentum a number of supporting digital activities and projects are underway – being led by both TowerXchange and Analysys Mason.

Based on consensus among working group attendees, the most pressing objectives were identified as:

1. Understand towercos’ information requirements better, as well as their appetite to invest in new solutions

2. Help towercos navigate the complex mixture of solutions available and identify the best for their requirements

3. Equip towerco data advocates with ammunition to convince CxOs to invest in data management

4. Establish a common view of best practice, based on real world case studies, and communicate this to the broad base of stakeholders

These are complex objectives, and it will be important for the working group to address them with a succession of manageable steps that have visible, near term results, while building up to a bigger impact over time.

Whilst the majority of action points for the working group will be handled by TowerXchange and Analysys Mason, the support and engagement of the industry is critical to meeting our ambitious set of objectives.

Towerco and operator professionals with responsibility for data collection, management and utilisation in their organisation with an interest in being kept involved in all group communications should contact Laura Graves, Managing Director, EMEA, TowerXchange: lgraves@towerxchange.com

Suppliers to the sector with an interest in participating in working group activities should contact Sarah Kerr, Commercial Director, TowerXchange: skerr@towerxchange.com