Borderless Roundtable Agenda

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Wednesday 27th May | 12:00 BST | 13:00 CEST/SAST | 16:30 IST

  • Pre-event
  • Networking App Live

  • Part one: Introduction to ESCOs by TowerXchange and Orange
    TowerXchange and Orange set out the state of the ESCO market

  • 12:00
  • Introduction to ESCO Borderless by TowerXchange
    -The format for today’s digital roundtable and how to join the
    -The scale of the current ESCO market
    -Forecasts for the continuing growth of ESCOs
    Matthew Edwards, Head of Research, EMEA, TowerXchange

  • 12:10
  • What Orange expects from its ESCOs
    -Why Orange has chosen to work with ESCOs
    -Orange experiences from live ESCOs in six countries, managing
    3,000 cell sites
    -Expectations for ongoing ESCO relationships
    -How Orange will support the maturation of the ESCO ecosystem
    Hervé Suquet, CTIO, Orange

  • 12:25
  • Q&A

  • Part two: ESCO Q&A
    ESCOs explain how they are helping solve their MNO partners' energy problems

  • 12:30
  • How each ESCO is solving their partners’ power problems
    -What is each ESCO’s footprint, future plans and what makes them
    -How can and ESCO adapt to limit the impact of the coronavirus
    outbreak on networks?
    -What are the typical improvements in site availability once sites
    transfer to ESCO-management?
    -What is the case for ESCOs to manage on-grid as well as off grid /
    bad grid sites?
    -How does combining energy services with security, passive and
    active maintenance help minimise energy usage?
    -How can the ESCO model be versioned to suit towercos?
    -How do you balance maximising legacy equipment lifespan
    against site modernisation?
    -What improvements can be unlocked by an ESCO audit of site
    assets and operation?
    Thibaut de Rodellec, Deputy CEO, Camusat
    Kadri Hakim, Co-CEO, i-eng
    Gabriel Bou Gebrael, General Manager – Telecom Services, IPT PowerTech

  • 12:55
  • Q&A

  • Part three: The ESCO Pipeline
    MNOs discuss why they are turning to ESCOs to solve their cell site energy problems and outline the upcoming pipeline of ESCO RFPs

  • 13:05
  • MNO requirements
    -What is motivating each MNO to explore partnering with ESCOs?
    -How will partners be evaluated & how will success be measured?
    Siphile Sibaya, Infrastructure and Facilities, MTN Group
    Further MNOs to be confirmed

  • 13:20
  • Q&A

  • 13:30
  • ESCO Borderless Concludes