Borderless Explained

The ESCO Roundtable Borderless is a wrap. Stay tuned and watch On-Demand

Download TowerXchange ESCO Roundtable Borderless prospectus

The ESCO Roundtable Borderless was a virtual roundtable including presentations by key stakeholders, discussions by ESCOs and MNOs and digitally facilitated networking. Our goals were to:

  • Create a digital meeting place to keep the industry connected while global travel is restricted, including digital networking

  • Increase understanding of the ESCO business model, accelerate adoption by MNOs and towercos,
    with the goal of scaling ESCOs faster

  • Share information on the successes of already active ESCOs, and the pipeline of upcoming ESCO opportunities from MNOs

  • Create enduring content on the ESCO sector through a post-event report to be published in June

  • Evangelise the ESCO model to prospective investors, thereby attracting more funding at lower cost, with a view to deepening the pool of viable prospective ESCO partners

To discuss sponsorship of future webinars, contact Commercial Director, Sarah Kerr on +44 7714 775700 or email 


Download TowerXchange ESCO Roundtable Borderless prospectus