Digital Networking

The ESCO Roundtable Borderless is a wrap. Stay tuned and watch On-Demand

Download TowerXchange ESCO Roundtable Borderless prospectus

Networking is an essential part of the event experience, and we replicated that experience as faithfully as possible at the ESCO Roundtable Borderless.

For our speakers, sponsors and delegates, we acted as a community host to facilitate networking through a dedicated ESCO Borderless App, which stayed live post-event to enable conversations and networking on the ESCO Borderless platform.

Those that signed up as speakers, sponsors and delegates are able to navigate the attendee list, contact people they want to meet and arrange follow-up conversations by email, phone and eventually face-to-face. And just like a real event, TowerXchange facilitated introductions to keep missed connections to a minimum.

Watch for free, or join the Q&A and networking as a delegate for £250. To discuss sponsorship, contact Commercial Director, Sarah Kerr on +44 7714 775700 or email