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Six reasons to sponsor the ESCO Roundtable

1. ESCOs are the new ‘king buyers’ of telecom power systems

ESCOs already manage the power systems at >20% of Africa’s cell sites on unreliable grid connections and off-grid, and TowerXchange forecast this to rise to 50% by 2021. The ESCO business model unlocks investment in capitally intensive renewable energy generation, energy storage and control systems, while ESCOs also have growing requirements in access control and data analytics. TowerXchange has partnered with the leading ESCOs to engage their technical decision makers, connecting you with important future clients!

2. Learn how to bid directly for ESCO contracts!

If you can’t beat them, join them! ESCOs are aggregators of best-of-breed third party energy equipment, but many ESCOs bundle these into their own containerised hybrid energy solutions, or powercubes. As such, powercube manufacturers may need to bid directly on ESCO RFPs to avoid their addressable market shrinking. Similarly, managed service providers will increasingly see ESCOs bundling O&M into their service proposition, and therefore may likewise need to consider bidding directly for ESCO contracts.

3. Meet the energy equipment decision makers at leading ESCOs, MNOs and towercos

Whereas other TowerXchange events leverage a co-located exhibition as our primary networking area, the ESCO Roundtable will leverage meetings. Reserve one of ten discreet branded lounges within our main catering area on day one, while day two will be devoted entirely to a programme of pre-scheduled bi-lateral meetings. Private meeting rooms have been made available in 30 minute slots, and you only pay for the meetings that prospects accept – and meetings are free for sponsors!

4. Capital is critical

Achieving scale in telecom energy is as much about capital as capability. You might be an energy innovator seeking capital to develop and scale your solution; you might be a new ESCO provider seeking capital to execute a contract; or you might be a supplier with a healthy balance sheet and the capability to offer a differentiating vendor finance. In any of these cases, the ESCO Roundtable offers a unique opportunity to secure or deploy capital.

5. Demonstrate your ability to accelerate operational delivery through optimised logistics

Operational delivery remains ESCOs’ number one challenge. Work together to get a clearer sight of immediate and near term requirements, to enable just in time manufacturing, local warehousing, and to develop accelerated import and inland logistics.

6. Differentiate your proven, game-changing green energy innovations

ESCOs represent the best opportunity yet to drive adoption of hybrid and renewable energy. With ten year contract terms, many including carbon footprint reduction targets, the ESCO may be the perfect vehicle through which to deploy more capitally intensive hybrid and renewable energy generation and energy storage solutions. Connect with critical new partners at this unique event!

For information about sponsorship and meeting room packages and prices, email Sarah at skerr@towerxchange.com

Download TowerXchange ESCO Roundtable 2020 prospectus

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