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TowerXchange has been following developments regarding the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak and will continue to monitor and assess the evolving situation. Our participants’ wellbeing and safety is at the heart of all our events and our sympathy is extended to all concerned during these very unsettling times. We are therefore committed to providing you with the most appropriate support while travelling and attending our events. We will be updating this webpage as needed.

25 February 2020

Self-Certification at our Events

In order to safeguard the wellbeing of our participants during the CoVid-19 outbreak, we will be instituting a Self-Certification Policy at our Events.

The following criteria will have to be satisfied in order to attend the events:

  • No travellers from the Hubei province will be permitted access to the event
  • All travellers who have been in Mainland China will need to demonstrate proof they have been outside of China 14 days prior to the event (passport stamp, health certificate).
  • All attendees will need to self-certify that they have not been in contact with anyone infected

We will be asking each participant to complete a form certifying that they fulfil the above criteria.

The form will have to be completed before badge collection at the event. Please note, we can not allow delegates to pick up badges for their colleagues on this basis.

Participants who have been in Mainland China will need to  have proof of passport stamps or a valid health certificate in order to satisfy the self–certification entry requirement. Original documents will need to be provided at the Registrations Desk; we will not accept copies or phone pictures.

Please bear with us as we implement these steps as there may be delays while you register. Please also allow yourselves enough time to meet your commitments at the event.

If entry into the event is not permitted because of inability to satisfy the self-certification criteria, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you have any concerns over any of the requirements listed above, please email

13th February 2020

Our events are continuing as scheduled.

Good practice, general caution and travel advice for the Coronavirus/Covid-19

Below we’ve outlined important health and safety measures that will be in effect at our events:


Practical advice while travelling:

§  As a traveller, wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.

§  If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol

§  Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

§  Avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Pre-requisites for attendance at the Event:

– We ask for your cooperation as we enforce the following measures:

– No travellers from the Hubei province will be permitted access to the event

– All travellers who have been in Mainland China will need to demonstrate proof they have been outside of China 14 days prior to the event (passport stamp, health certificate).

– All attendees will need to self-certify that they have not been in contact with anyone infected

Extra measures we are implementing for the event:

We have been working closely with the venue to ensure that the appropriate extra processes are in place for the event.

The following will be in operation:

– Increased frequency of cleaning and disinfection around the hotel

– Extra sanitization of public spaces and high volumes areas especially touchpoints – e.g. handrails, door handles, lift buttons, countertops, touch screens

– Increased availability of hand sanitizers in common areas

– Health screening and vetting of hotel staff

– Training of Event Staff and Hotel Staff on preventative measures

– Increased medical support onsite

– Response plans for reported illnesses

We are also implementing the following onsite event protocols:

– Online campaign to all our participants about guidance and protocols at the event

– Additional signage onsite for reminders about the hygiene protocols

– All participants will adopt a “No-handshake” policy and be issued a “No-handshake” badge

– Exhibitors, Stands, and Meeting Rooms will be provided with guidelines and packs for maintaining hygiene standards

– Instituting an Event Policy of reasonable and sensible social distancing (1m/3 feet)

– Implementing a microphone disinfecting policy between Speakers

– Implementing and communicating protocols for prompt medical assistance and screening for attendees who feel ill during the event

These measures will also be communicated with our exhibitors onsite, suppliers and contractors.  We urge all our participants to take caution and follow these guidelines as they are the best methods suggested against contamination from the virus.

For more information about precautionary actions, please read the WHO guidance.

We are regularly reviewing best practice procedures and will update our advice accordingly

3rd February 2020

Following the Coronavirus outbreak which has now been reported in several countries around the world, we have prepared some questions and answers about our events and the outbreak:

1. Are your events being cancelled because of the corona virus outbreak?

The WHO has declared the corona virus a Public Health Emergency of international concern. Despite the emergency declaration, with the exception of Mainland China, the WHO is not recommending any restrictions on travel or trade at this time. On this basis, our events are still taking place as scheduled. We are closely monitoring the situation and will be updating this page as required.

2. I am concerned about travelling to the event, what should I do?

With the exception of Mainland China, there have been no restrictions on travel or trade at this time. We advise you to visit the WHO  or CDC guidance on how to reduce exposure to the virus and staying healthy while travelling. For further information and reassurance, we  also advise you to view the official travel and health advisory websites for the countries that the events are being held, to learn about the specific measures in place in the country and in their ports for virus detection and treatment of the virus.

3. What contingency plans are you putting in place for the event?

We are liaising with the venue to ensure that they have robust procedures on hygiene in the venue. We have requested that hand sanitizers be available around the venue and for increased frequency in the general housekeeping schedules for the common areas of the event.

4. If I don’t feel comfortable in travelling at this time,  will I be able to get a refund for my delegate pass?

Regrettably no cancellations can be accepted.

Substitutions may be made to attend the event as per the standard Substitutions Policy: you may substitute registered delegates at any time for colleagues, as long as alternate attendees are also department Heads, Director, VP or C-level. Notifications of substitutions must be given in writing to

For more details on the cancellation policy, please refer to the Event Participants Terms and Conditions.

Download TowerXchange ESCO Roundtable 2020 prospectus