What is the ESCO Roundtable?

A by-invitation-only executive retreat for the pioneers of the telecom ESCO business model. Our goals:

Increase understanding of the ESCO business model, accelerate adoption by MNOs and towercos, with the goal of scaling ESCOs faster

Optimise the operational delivery performance of ESCOs by sharing direction and best practices with both the leaders of the ESCOs themselves, and with MNOs’ and towercos’ Partner Managers

Evangelise the ESCO model to prospective investors, thereby attracting more funding at lower cost, with a view to deepening the pool of viable prospective ESCO partners

Refine stakeholders’ understanding of the scenarios where ESCOs are the best partners, and those where towercos remain critical – exploring how ESCOs and towercos can co-operate

Showcase proven green energy innovations, with the goal to continue to further reduce reliance on fossil fuels, while at the same time reducing costs

What’s in it for you to attend?

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