2019 TowerXchange Meetup Africa Agenda


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If you are interested in getting involved in the 2019 speaking faculty, please contact Matthew Edwards, Head of Research, EMEA matthew.edwards@towerxchange.com

2019’s agenda:

Day One, Tuesday 8 October

  • 08:00
  • Registration and coffee

  • 09.00
  • The state of the African tower market presented by TowerXchange

    Matthew Edwards, Head of Research, EMEA, TowerXchange
    Kieron Osmotherly, Founder & CEO, TowerXchange

  • 09.40
  • Keynote panel discussion: The future for the continent’s towercos
    • What does American Tower's acquisition of Eaton Towers tell us about the future of the industry in Africa?
    • Which metrics beyond tenancy ratios best help you understand the underlying health of a towerco?
    • Should towercos remain focused on vertical real estate or diversify into digital service providers?
    • How are MNO/towerco relationships developing? How are towerco helping reduce MNO’s pain points?
    • Which African frontier markets will be the next to embrace towercos?
    • How healthy is Africa’s build to suit pipeline? Where are the bull markets?
    • How will South Africa’s plan to introduce a WOAN affect the market for towercos?
    Kash Pandya, CEO, Helios Towers
    Terry Rhodes, CEO, Eaton Towers
    Steve Howden, Senior Vice President, Group Head of M&A, IHS Towers
    Rajiv Jaitly, CEO, iSON

  • 10.20
  • Keynote address: The Future of South African Telecoms

  • 10.50
  • Keynote panel discussion: What comes next for Africa’s mobile networks?
    • What is the state of play for 4G roll-out? How are MNOs dealing with three generations of technology?
    • What preparations are being made for 5G? How will structures and power need to be upgraded for 5G?
    • How clean and green can African telecoms become?
    • How can infrastructure sharing support digital inclusion and expanded services?
    Ian Paterson, Chief Investment Officer, Africell Group
    Navi Naidoo, CTO, MTN Group
    Razvan Ungureanu, Chief Technical Officer, Airtel Africa

  • 11.30
  • Networking refreshment break

  • 12.00
  • Roundtable session I
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    Buyer briefings and working groups
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  • 13.00
  • Networking lunch break

  • 14.30
  • Roundtable session II
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    Buyer briefings and working groups
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  • 15:30
  • Networking refreshment break sponsored by Delmec

  • 16.00
  • Panel discussion: Planning and partnerships for 4G/5G networks in Africa
    • What investments are needed now to get Africa 5G ready?
    • How do policy frameworks, permitting regimes, licencing and regulations need to change?
    • Are municipalities a competitor or partner for towercos?
    • Supporting private networks and enterprise customers
    • Lampposts, indoor, small cells and macros: what is the shape of future connectivity?
    Moderator: Lars Stuber, Founder, Smallcell
    Nic Naidu, Managing Executive: Technology Strategy, Architecture & Innovation, Vodacom
    Alex Leigh, CCO, Helios Towers
    Vinay Choudary Alapati, CEO, Tangerine
    Lawrence Boya, Project Director, City of Johannesburg

  • 16.40
  • Panel discussion: Will towercos and fibrecos converge, compete or cooperate?
    • Who will substitute for the fixed-line incumbent for mass fibre roll-out in Africa?
    • Exploring different options for partnerships options
    • Is close cooperation between fibreco and towerco needed for future networks?
    • What is driving demand for fibre to the tower?
    • Examining differences in returns on invested capital and valuations for Africas towercos and fibrecos
    Suveer Ramdhani, Chief Strategy Officer, SEACOM
    Srabasti Bhattacharjee, Director – Technology, Vodafone Ghana
    Suleiman Arzika, Chief Operating Officer, Suburban Fibre Co Nigeria
    Abraham van der Merwe, Founder, CEO, Frogfoot Networks

  • 17.20
  • Chair’s closing remarks

  • 17.30
  • Networking drinks

  • 19.30 - late
  • TowerXchange Meetup Africa dinner

    Network with today’s speakers, sponsors and delegates over in a relaxed and informal setting (additional fee applies)

Day Two, Wednesday 9 October

  • 09:15
  • Chair’s opening remarks

  • 09:20
  • Keynote panel discussion: Technology innovation, energy excellence and reducing emissions

    - To what degree are improvements in site level efficiency driving group level profitability?
    - How is capex being deployed to reduce energy consumption and improve reliability?
    - What innovative processes and technologies are changing the reality on the ground for passive infrastructure?
    - Are Africa’s tower owners looking at the total cost of ownership for all their energy investments?
    - How much more can the industry do to reduce its environmental impact?

    - Dennis Chepkwony, Senior Manager – Power, Safaricom
    - Wole Abu, CEO, Pan African Towers
    - Marcos Chaves, Director General, ANTOSC

  • 10:10
  • Panel discussion: what is the next stage of the spread and growth of ESCOs across Africa?

    - What new markets are opening up for ESCOs in Africa?
    - How are ESCOs working with third party equipment vendors and finding innovative energy solutions?
    - What are the sweet spot sites for ESCOs in terms of grid reliability and service requirements?
    - Are ESCOs still enjoying reasonable terms and access to funding?

    - Khaled Habbal, VP&COO, IPT PowerTech Group
    - Alisa Amupolo, CEO, PowerCom
    - Kadri Hakim, Co-CEO, ieng Group
    - Jocelyn Karakula, Deputy Chief Technical and Information Officer, Orange
    - Thibaut de Rodellec, CEO, Aktivco

  • 11:00
  • Networking refreshment break

  • 11:30
  • Roundtable session III
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  • 12:30
  • Networking lunch break

  • 14:00
  • Roundtable Session IV
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  • 15:00
  • Networking refreshment break

  • 15:30
  • Panel discussion: How can infrastructure sharing help bring the next billion online?

    - How quickly can we expect to connect Africa’s offline communities?
    - To what extend are existing regulation, universal service funds and licence conditions working?
    - Is active sharing the best option for making marginal sites economically viable?
    - Why don’t revenue shares work for infrastructure sharing agreements in rural sites?
    - Roger Greene, Rural Access Program Lead, Facebook
    - Dion Jerling, Co-Founder, Connect Earth
    - Samora Mhleli Xorile, CEO, AfriCanopy
    - Sipho Mngqibisa, Acting CEO, USAASA
    - Albert Gardiner, CEO, Fairwaves

  • 16:10
  • Panel discussion: Designing macro towers and urban furniture to be safe, efficient and cost-effective

    - What is the future for macro towers in Africa?
    - How should towercos and MNOs deal with increased use of street-level furniture?
    - Can unconventional sites deal with heavier loading?
    - Can Africa catch-up with best-practice safety procedures?

    - Tim Waga, Structural Engineering, Safaricom
    - Moctar Sarr, CEO, Al Karama Towers
    - Collins Onumajuru, CEO, Secured Towers Limited

  • 16:50
  • Chair’s closing remarks

  • 17:00
  • End of Meetup