Buyer briefings and focus groups

Buyer briefings – get face to face 

Closed door, invitation only sessions for buyers to explain their technology and service requirements and upcoming procurement plans and discuss innovations with key suppliers.

2019’s confirmed buyer briefings

Helios Towers
Led by Roy Cursley, Technology Director, Helios Towers

IHS Towers
Led by Bachir Estaphan, Director of Network Operations Centre & Head of Innovation Committee, IHS Towers

Further buyer briefings to be added, please return end July.

Working Groups and Focus Sessions for 2019

Focus session: What Ethiopia’s imminent liberalisation means for towercos and the passive infrastructure supply chain
(by invitation only)

Ethio Telecom’s privatisation and split into a serivceco and infraco may bring nearly 8,000 towers to market in Africa’s second most populous country. The issuance of two additional licences will create another significant market for new investment. Join an exclusive briefing, discussion and Q&A session from those active on the ground to assess the opportunity for you and your industry.
– Details of the new licencing regime and regulatory environment
– Asset count, quality assessment and upgrade requirement estimates
– Build-to-suit predictions
– Foreign exchange challenges and investment horizons

Emmanuel Leonard, Business Development Director, Helios Towers

Conor Plant, Partner, Hardiman Communications

Suveer Ramdhani, Chief Development Officer, SEACOM



Working group: Energy optimisation and emissions reduction working group
(by invitation only)

With particular emphasis on in-the-field results, TCO forecasts and environmental impacts for different products and systems, this session brings together users of energy equipment and leading innovators to discuss the ways in which energy innovation is bringing down costs and helping make the telecoms industry more sustainable.
– The current energy configuration of attendee tower portfolios and their upgrade plans
– Graduation from pilot to procurement: technologies on the cusp of wider scale deployment and concerns still to be answered over integration,
servicing and longevity
– Bleeding edge innovation: what new technologies is the industry excited to hear more about?
– Tomorrow’s power requirements: who will manage power? What will be the demand of new base stations? Low cost solutions for rural sites?


Working group: Towerco and fibreco collaboration working group in South Africa
(by invitation only)

Focusing on South Africa, this session discusses the future relationship between towercos and fibrecos. As networks densify and fibre becomes more and more essential to deliver appropriate levels of service, how should towercos and fibrecos work together?
– The current state of play in South African fibre
– Differences in valuation and returns for fibrecos and towercos
– What is the best way to exploit the opportunities for fibre to the tower?
– Who will own small cells and the fibre rings on which they sit? What about edge data centres?
– How can towercos and fibrecos best work together? Is M&A the way forward?


Working group: Towerco and fibreco collaboration working group (ex-South Africa)
(by invitation only)

Focusing on the rest of Africa, this session discusses the future relationship between towercos and fibrecos. Even in the limited areas where it is available,
fibre quality in much of Africa is very low. How large is the opportunity for a combined digital infrastructure play?
– The scale of Africa’s digital infrastructure deficit
– Assessing the quality of existing fibre networks outside South Africa
– Who should take the lead in new network infrastructure in Africa?
– How can towercos and fibrecos best work together? Is M&A the way forward?
Suveer Ramdhani, CDO, SEACOM
Srabasti Bhattacharjee, Director – Technology, Vodafone Ghana
Suleiman Arzika, Chief Operating Officer, Suburban Fibre Co Nigeria


Access to briefings and focus groups is by invitation only. To apply to join or enquire about eligibility, please contact Anna Mayhew:

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