Roundtable topics

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“A great and rare moment in industry life where an active actor can return home with the feeling of having achieved half year’s work in terms of learning, benchmarking and assessing new solutions and suppliers. The event brings together the industry to aid the sector in reaching a high level of operational excellence and efficiency”
Director, M&A Capital & Executive Board Member, Al Karama Towers


Hosted by an export moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event

To suggest a topic for discussion of enquire about hosting a session, please contact Laura Graves, Managing Director, EMEA




Provisional roundtable groups:

Towerco and infraco business models

  • Maximising value from decommissioning

    The role for towercos in fibre and its impact on valuations

    Future proofing the towerco business model

    How to develop a successful operator-led towerco

    What will towerco consolidation and ownership in sub-Saharan Africa look like?

    Creating a successful BTS towerco

    Balancing colocation sales and barter arrangements: what is best for an operator?

    Converged infracos in the 5G world: data centres, fibre, small cells and towers - lessons from other markets

Future networks

  • How antenna will change and what this means for space planning on towers

    Alternatives for expanding rural coverage

    Models for cost effective rural coverage

    Making shared DAS work

    MNO consolidation: a look to the future

    Forecasting tenancy growth from non-GSM operators

    Technologies which may reduce the requirement for tower services and space

    How has active sharing worked globally?

    The role for infracos in 5G rollout

Geographical focus

  • Opportunities in virgin towerco markets: what assets could come to market?


    Understanding telecom dynamics in the Middle East


    Saudi Arabia


    South Africa


    Francophone West Africa

    East Africa

    North Africa

    Southern Africa


  • Can monetising excess power be a viable option?

    Renewable energy options beyond solar: is there a business case?

    Strategies to reduce energy load on cell sites

    How energy requirements will change with LTE and 5G deployment

    Operational and pilot ESCO projects and how well they're working

    Does the ESCO model present a viable alternative to towercos?

    What’s wrong with ESCO proposals and how should they ideally look?

    Prolonging generator lifespan

    How to improve the business case for solar solutions

    Decision making processes in battery procurement

    What is the low hanging fruit to reduce diesel consumption?

    What savings have solar hybrid solutions brought in the field?

    What is the weak point in the robustness of energy equipment and is it being addressed?

    Partner exchange: integration amongst vendors to develop a more holistic and robust product

Finance and contractual

  • Deal breakers and value destroyers: how to avoid having towers nobody wants to buy

    How do ratings agencies view towercos?

    Towerco bonds

    Financing a start up towerco

    How MLAs evolved and where are we now

    Running a successful auction

    Who will buy Africa's towercos?

    Towerco financing options

    Standardising MLAs

    Opportunities for gain sharing

    Examination of ESCO contract structures

    How the public markets view towercos and how to ensure a successful IPO

    What do the new IFRS 16 accounting standard mean for both African and Middle Eastern towers?

    Keeping a towerco exit strategy in mind: the path to IPOs and strategic sales

Operational efficiency

  • Reducing site visits and logistic costs

    Upskilling and scaling your contractors

    Embedding active and passive maintenance contractors

    Innovating to protect margins in deployment and maintenance services

    Expediting site acquisition


  • The pros and cons of using embedded versus third party RMS systems

    Specifying a site management system: what parameters to prioritise

    What we learned from selling towers

    Handling regulator and operator resistance to infrastructure sharing: evangelising the business model

    What type of companies make the best maintenance contractors?

    Rooftop Sites: Issues with site safety

    Tackling over taxation, new permits and regulation on the tower industry