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40+ interactive roundtables connect you with experts, potential partners and your most important peers

Hosted by an export moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event.

Roundtable hosts are in the process of being allocated and a full line up will be available in September. To enquire about hosting a roundtable, contact Laura Graves, Managing Director, EMEA:


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Provisional 2018 roundtables

  • Towerco and infraco business models
  • Threats to the towerco business model and how the model needs to adapt
    Ted Manvitz, VP & Chief Strategy Officer, IHS Towers

    Who will be the long-term investors in African telecoms infrastructure?
    Kamal Daswani, Director, Corporate Finance, Delta Partners

    The view of an acquirer: How is value created and destroyed in towercos?
    David Porte, VP, International Business, SBA Communications

    Developing the commercial model for in-building solutions
    Lars Stuber, Founder, Smallcell

    Key value creation in towerco and fibreco contracts
    Rob Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins

    The road to a converged infraco model: how will it look?
    Joao Sousa, Partner, Delta Partners

    How MNO-owned towerco models have fared globally: lessons for Africa
    Enda Hardiman, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications

    MNO-towerco frictions over lease rates: are there win-win solutions?
    David Porte, VP, International Business, SBA Communications

    Investor misconceptions about the towerco business model and how to tackle them

    The relative investibility of infracos active in towers, fibre, small cells: what international markets can tell us

    What is a mutually beneficial towerco-fibreco partnership?

  • The shape of future networks
  • What will 5G network infrastructure look like in South Africa?

    How wind load and power load of towers will change with the advent of 5G?

    Fibre opportunities, growth potential and models beyond South Africa
    Senior Executive, CSquared

    Data centres, edge computing and the implications for towers

    Intelligent strategies to identifying coverage gaps and their economic potential
    Simon Mitchell, Vice President, Business Development, M2 Catalyst

    WiFi for urban data offload and rural connectivity: what role will it play?

    Which countries and opcos will see the strongest growth and investment in 2019?

  • Optimising site operations and rollout
  • Low cost rural coverage: what business models and solutions will resolve connectivity
    Kadri Hakim, Co-CEO, ieng Group

    Equipment standardisation to weed out inefficiencies: what must be prioritised?
    Harald Timm, Director & Senior Advisor, Ericsson

    Simplifying site management systems to a more agreeable price point
    Senior Representative, Helios Towers

    Tackling rising landlord and wayleave pricing expectations
    Helmundt Strumpher, Regional General Manager, Atlas Tower

    Developing a culture of operational excellence in your supply chain
    Senior Representative, Helios Towers

    Innovative camouflage and street furniture solutions for urban networks
    Paul Jansen Van Resburg, Regional General Manager, Atlas Tower

    Reducing admin and paperwork in lease management, billing and co-location promotion

    Intelligent site upgrades: avoiding false economies

  • Tackling the energy issue
  • Bleeding edge innovations: What's next?
    Jerome Curtis, Passive Infrastructure Specialist, MTN

    Solar only sites: use cases, economics and in-the field performance 
    Divyajeet Mahajan, CEO, Tower Business, Econet Wireless

    The big battery debate: lead acid vs lithium ion vs alternate chemistries
    Senior Representative, Helios Towers

    Ofer Ahiraz, CEO, Energy Vision

    Charles Henry DuPrez, Managing Director, Off-Grid Renewable Energy, Voltalia

    Sebastian Martin, Group Chief Commercial and Business Development Officer, Camusat/ Aktivco

    Optimising energy system upgrade and replacement cycles: lessons learned

    Inefficiencies in energy system integration

    Extending generator and battery lifespan

    How investible is the ESCO model and where will financing come from?

    Unlocking the potential for electrification beyond the tower: regulatory, investibility and practical concerns to overcome

  • Country and regional focus
  • South Africa: Towerco competition, fibre, small cells and rural coverage
    Dana van den Berg, Executive, Technical Facilities, Cell C

    Nigeria: MNO financial challenges, operating conditions and growth potential
    Wole Abu, CEO, Pan African Towers

    Muhalia Allan, Senior Manager, Wholesale Services, Safaricom

    West Africa
    Moctar Sarr, Board Member, Al Karama Towers 

    East Africa
    Jean Farhat, CEO, NETIS

    Southern Africa
    Nate Foster, CEO, Atlas Tower