2017 roundtables

60+ interactive roundtables connect you with experts, potential partners and your most important peers

“A great and rare moment in industry life where an active actor can return home with the feeling of having achieved half year’s work in terms of learning, benchmarking and assessing new solutions and suppliers. The event brings together the industry to aid the sector in reaching a high level of operational excellence and efficiency”
Director, M&A Capital & Executive Board Member, Al Karama Towers


A full list of roundtable topics will be available in April. To suggest a topic for discussion of enquire about hosting a session, please contact Laura Graves, Managing Director, EMEA


Provisional 2017 roundtable topics

  • Maximising value from decommissioning

  • Alternatives for expanding rural coverage

  • The role for towercos in fibre and its impact on valuations

  • Future proofing the towerco business model in sub-Saharan Africa

  • How to develop a successful operator-led towerco

  • Forecasting tenancy growth from non-GSM operators

  • In-building solutions: Technology selection and business models

  • Innovating to protect margins in deployment services and O&M

  • Opportunities in virgin towerco markets

  • Technology focus: How will antennae change and how does this affect tenancies and infrastructure requirements

  • Contractual terms for active sharing

  • Lessons from active sharing attempts

  • New build and co-location potential in East Africa

  • New build and co-location potential in West Africa

  • New build and co-location potential in MENA

  • New build and co-location potential in Southern Africa

  • Towerco risk and ratings

  • Improving towerco valuations and investability

  • Renewable energy options beyond solar: what is showing promise?

  • Strategies to reduce energy load on cell sites

  • How energy requirements will change with LTE and 5G deployment

  • Specifying a site management system: what parameters to prioritise

  • ESCO case studies and RFP forecasts

  • Contractual terms for ESCO models

  • Minimising diesel usage

  • Innovative tower outsourcing models

  • Effective corporate and operational governance

To suggest a roundtable discussion topic or to enquire about hosting a table, please email [email protected]