Roundtable topics

40+ interactive roundtables connect you with experts, potential partners and your most important peers

Hosted by an export moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event.

To enquire about hosting a roundtable, contact Laura Graves, Managing Director, EMEA:

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Provisional 2018 roundtables

  • • What underlying infrastructure will be required for tomorrows networks and eventually 5G? 

    • Understanding the fibre landscape, business models and growth projections in Africa 

    • Transitioning from being a towerco to an infraco 

    • Developing dense urban networks: partnering with municipalities, enterprise, fibre and towercos 

    • New business models and technologies to address rural coverage 

    • Quad band antennae, antenna sharing and antenna innovations: how this will impact site design, upgrade and co-location costs in the future? 

    • Creating flexibility and win-win solutions between towercos and MNOs 

    • Data centres and edge computing: how the market will evolve in Africa 

    • The good, the bad and the ugly: which towercos have gone from strength to strength and where have others failed 

    • Sizing the level of investment in Africa's mobile networks over the next five years: where will the biggest opportunities be? 

    • MNO M&A, tower deals and towerco consolidation: what could be on the horizon? 

    • Maximising towerco valuations and investibility: risks, contract structures, systems and growth story 

    • Optimising shared DAS 

    • How the towerco industry has evolved globally and what will translate to Africa? 

    • Thinking like a towerco: How MNOs can optimise the value of their assets 

    • 5G, small cells and tomorrow's networks: what will be the power requirements? 

    • Are lithium ion batteries ready to overtake lead acid? Feedback from the field 

    • Improving the investibility and strengthening the business case of the ESCO model 

    • Advancements in technology integration and innovation promising new levels of energy efficiency 

    • Solar only sites: economics, practicalities and how they are performing 

    • Alternative chemistry batteries and renewables beyond solar: are they ready to play a role?
    • Extending generator and battery lifespan 

    • Reducing the energy load on cell sites 

    • Unlocking the potential for electrification beyond the tower: regulatory, investibility and practical concerns to overcome 

    • Integrating RMS: how to manage and get the most value out of data without major investment in a new platform 

    • Specifying a site management system: what do you need? 

    • Camouflage, rapid deployment and temporary solutions: what’s new and competitive from a price perspective?
    • Streamlining tower assessment and upgrades 

    • Handling landlord negotiations and obtaining permits: lessons learned 

    • South Africa: Towerco competition and the market beyond macrosites 

    • Nigeria: The lay of the land and growth potential 

    • East Africa spotlight 

    • West Africa spotlight