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IPS – International Power Supply is 27 years experienced high-tech company specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of power electronics and energy conversion technologies.

IPS offers high-tech products and integrated solutions for the area of Renewable Energy and Off-Grid Electricity (mini-grids, off-grid power systems, OPEX and fuel safe optimization), Telecommunications, Utilities, Defense. IPS global headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria where it began in 1989. Company subsidiaries are located in US, Australia, Indonesia, Nigeria, UAE. IPS’s products are operated currently in 56 countries and used by clients such as NATO, large telecom groups, mini grid operators, utilities, the armed forces of various countries, international system integrators and many others.

IPS has developed an optimal system for both grid connected and off-grid use in the form of our EXERON range. The EXERON technology can offer power independence for areas with limited or no grid power and can provide cost savings for grid connected objects through on-demand use for any kind of power equipment. The Exeron features stringent modular design, easy-to-maintain hot plug technology, advanced battery management as well as the increased availability thanks to excellent system redundancy.

In Germany, 2014, EXERON won the Intersolar ees Award (ees: electrical energy storage).


Silver sponsor

Acsys Technologies Ltd

Acsys is a specialized towerco security and field service management software provider. Recognizing the telecom industry’s relentless drive to efficiency, we design solutions to accelerate you forward. Our software and mobile applications in combination with military-grade access control hardware form a 4 tiered tool for:  Flexibility, Efficiency, Productivity, and Security.

Our solutions are designed to improve your site operations through the near elimination of theft, reduced inefficiencies, vendor and ticket auditing, and real-time remote control of field technicians. In the age of Big Data, Acsys gives you the intel you need to offer your tenants a better experience while reducing your OPEX.

Our expert team of mechatronic security, software development, and telecom professionals represent 14 nationalities and have combined their expertise to deploy the Acsys solutions in nearly 50 countries around the globe. Acsys is ISO 9001 certified and a preferred supplier of many of the biggest names in the telco industry.

Acsys – solutions built to improve your bottom line.

Silver sponsor

Bladon Jets

Bladon Jet’s breakthrough technologies enable the production of micro gas turbine engines which are more efficient, less polluting and lower cost than traditional reciprocating power units. Introducing the world’s first 12kW microturbine genset designed specifically for the telecom tower power market delivering reduced fuel and maintenance costs, durability, and ultra-quiet operation for use in urban environments. Bladon’s revolutionary microturbine, heat exchanger and air bearing technologies harness the power of a miniature jet engine to provide a compact and ultra-reliable alternative to the traditional diesel generator. Use Bladon’s Micro Turbine Genset as a primary power source, hybrid mode with batteries or renewable energy sources, or as backup power to the grid.

Silver sponsor


Delmec has been a primary player in the Telecommunications Industry for over thirty years. It supplies not only infrastructure to the industry but also solutions to the challenges facing the owners of portfolios of Telecoms Infrastructure. Headquartered in Ireland, with subsidiaries across Europe and Africa, Delmec also provides services in the Middle East, Asia and Americas.

Its depth of experience comes from providing structural and network solutions; site building and commissioning; steelworks design and supply; site inspection, maintenance and enhancement; fibre networks; advisory and consultation services. This expertise enables Delmec to provide turnkey solutions from design concept to live on air.

It has supplied these services to major names in the industry in 40 countries, many of whom have continually sought the expert knowledge and technology of Delmec. The company’s values lead it to provide its clients with the best customer service, high efficiency, value and quality, in both its services and supplies, and for which many of its clients have stated that Delmec are; “The best in the world at what they do”

Silver sponsor


Eltek are committed to meeting the power needs of our customers. For more than four decades Eltek has provided power solutions for telecommunication networks globally. Our systems cover the entire range of power requirements; from small to very large, meeting all the power needs of the telecom industry, in both fixed and mobile networks. Our broad range of rectifiers and converters comply with all international standards and requirements. Eltek’s high efficiency solutions and new, innovative designs help the industry achieve the objectives of combating climate change whilst remaining competitive, by reducing energy spend and environmental impact.

Eltek have offices in more than 40 countries and business in more than 100. Our presence and expertise is close to each individual market we serve. This enables us to truly understand the needs of each market and provide solutions and services specifically adapted to local requirements.

Telecom Hybrid Solutions

Eltek’s hybrid solutions are based on the HE technology for optimal utilization of all energy resources. By combining solar or wind energy input with smart generator control and optimally dimensioned batteries, the scene is set for dramatic OPEX reductions and a positive environmental impact.

Bronze sponsor

AIO Systems

AIO Systems is an innovative specialist in the provision of total management solutions for remote unmanned sites. AIO’s in-depth understanding of the telecom landscape and vast field experience guarantee that its CMS management platform and EyeSite controllers possess the advanced technological competencies required by today’s Towercos and MNOs.

AIO specializes in intelligent 24/7 Security solutions and efficient Hybrid/Energy solutions, while addressing multi-tenant infrastructure complexities and delivering effective Asset/Inventory control. 

AIO’s numerous business models propose alternative operational structures that guarantee sizable ROI. When combined with its professional services and feature-packed mobile application, companies can rest assured AIO will address all their RMS needs from A-Z.

Bronze sponsor


AUSONIA is leader in customized power solutions, specifically designed to meet MNOs and TowerCos power requirements and performance needs.

Among its products portfolio – entirely made in Italy – AUSONIA offers High Efficiency DC Gensets and Hybrid Power Systems fully integrated with Solar & Wind, for off-grid and poor-grid indoor/outdoor sites.

Extended maintenance intervals, very low fuel consumption levels and a complete web-based Remote Monitoring System allow Ausonia Customers to significant cut their OPEX and reduce their TCO.

The use of Ausonia Power Systems in OPEX model is certified by 13 years of operation in Europe and already replicated in Africa and LATAM.

Bronze sponsor


Energy Vision specializes in renewable power solutions for telecom sites. Our main focus is on off-grid and bad-grid sites.

Our business model is based on fixed monthly payments that are lower than the current Opex.

We design and supply the latest technologies and provide all in-country services, including implementation, operation, upgrade and maintenance.

We assure site power availability as per SLA, with 24/7 RMS for real-time performance control and monitoring.

We developed our services based on more than 25 years of experience in solution integration, tower management and maintenance services in over 40 countries worldwide.

Bronze sponsor

Galooli Power

Galooli Power provides innovative Bottom Line Solutions™ (BLS) – the market leading practical business intelligence solution. Galooli’s uniqueness is to convert big data into reliable and useful tools to achieve real OPEX savings. From full-site remote monitoring and management to workforce and fleet management, our customizable solutions cover all operational aspects for Towercos and operators.

Instead of the reaction to past events and alerts available on any standard monitoring systems, Galooli promotes the use of the prevention.

Galooli is actively operating in over 30 territories with in-country services and support as an integral part of the offering.

Bronze sponsor

IPT PowerTech

IPT PowerTech Group delivers specialized solutions to the power, industrial and telecom sectors in Africa, Middle East and South-East Asia. Combining power expertise with telecom infrastructure specialization, we are market leaders in providing energy solutions, telecom services, and managed maintenance services. The group is recognized as the global Leader of the Guaranteed Savings and T-ESCO models. Our self-manufactured enclosures allow us to create customized energy efficient/hybrid and renewable energy solutions, and to implement new concepts in site renovation.

With offices in 11 countries, our solutions are delivered to more than 60 operators, tower companies and vendors in more than 50 countries.

Bronze sponsor

Vinson & Elkins RLLP

Vinson & Elkins is one of the oldest and largest international law firms, with approximately 700 lawyers located in 16 offices around the world.

Our global telecommunications team has extensive experience advising on international telecoms and telecoms infrastructure M&A transactions, including in respect of towers, data centres, fibre, wireless and wireline technology. We have significant industry experience, advising on telecoms transactions in numerous countries, including across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East and our team is well recognised for such transactions worldwide. Our telecommunications advice includes acquisitions and disposals, debt and equity financing, infrastructure development, operational arrangements, regulatory matters and dispute resolution.

We also have significant experience in the negotiation and drafting of sale and purchase, debt and equity financing, master lease, build-to-suit, site management, site marketing and service level arrangements, fibre IRUs and other complex commercial contracts.


Abloy Oy

Abloy Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of products in the field of electromechanical locking technology.

Abloy Oy has a proven history of telecommunication business for decades. Along with the new technology Abloy has introduced new methods and systems to create value and fast pay-back time to customers.

Abloy operates in all continents and several telecom customers have chosen ABLOY solutions to be leaders in fast developing telecommunication world.


Aquion Energy

Aquion Energy is the manufacturer of proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) batteries and battery systems for long-duration stationary energy storage applications. Aquion’s Aspen line of batteries are optimized for daily deep cycling for residential solar, green architecture, off-grid and microgrid, energy management, and grid-scale applications. Aquion’s high-performance, safe, sustainable and cost-effective batteries deliver reliability and value for customers. The company’s battery systems provide flexible, modular energy storage that enables broad adoption of renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and optimization of existing grid-tied generation assets. For more information, visit our website.


Ascot Industrial

Ascot Industrial is an energy solution provider that proposes the right answer to your energy needs thanks to a complete portfolio of leading power solutions specifically designed for telecom application (AC, DC and Hybrid Gensets).

All products are tailored according to Customer needs, achieving savings in fuel, decrease in running hours, noise and vibration abatement, and they are equipped with “remote control” to manage all energy sources in real time.

Ascot H-Power System is a complete solution that permits up to 100% fuel savings (in battery mode), as it combines Gensets, Batteries and/or PV Panels (with or without electrical grid).


Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd. (DPC)

Beijing Dynamic Power Co., Ltd.  (DPC) is a leading manufacturer of Telecom Power Supply in Beijing China.

Established in 1995 who are the China first IPO (Initial Public Offerings) company in power supply industry in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2004

Over 2,400,000 Rectifier modules operating on Carrier Networks globally and 30% market share in China owned by Carriers/China Tower(Ranking  No.1 in China Tower). More than 20 years of experience in diversity power solutions for tower company.

Over 3000 employees with the main production base of 330, 000m2, with production capacity of 80,000 pcs rectifiers and 15,000 sets systems per month. DPC’s stable high efficient and cost effective Power Supply create maximum value for carriers and tower company.


Enatel Energy

Enatel Energy delivers an expansive portfolio of configurable systems designed to meet every telecommunication network power requirement. Solutions offer flexibility and scalability, by way of hot pluggable combinations of modular Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, Solar/Wind Chargers and encompass advanced energy management. Enatel’s SYNERGi hybrid solutions include unique patented generator control capabilities allowing dynamic optimisation to accommodate off-grid site variables so ensure the highest levels of network uptime, ease of deployment and OPEX savings. Renewable energy inputs can be integrated simply and blended intelligently. Enatel Energy offers renowned support, reliability, and system efficiencies. Solutions are New Zealand made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity.



EnerSys® is the global leader in stored energy solutions for industrial applications. We complement our extensive line of motive power, reserve power and specialty products with a full range of integrated services and systems. With sales and service locations throughout the world. Headquartered in the United States, with regional headquarters in Europe and Asia, EnerSys employs over nine thousand people and operates 32 manufacturing and assembly facilities world-wide. This vast infrastructure and over 100 years of battery experience positions EnerSys at the forefront of both manufacturing capabilities and new product development.


FG Wilson

For 50 years, FG Wilson has been a leading manufacturer of diesel and gas generator sets from 6.8 to 2,500 kVA and beyond. Since 1990 alone, we have installed 600,000 generator sets, supported by over 300 distributors, offering world-class levels of service from product selection to installation and lifetime support. With products specifically designed to meet the needs of the telecoms sector and backed by out expert local dealer support, FG Wilson is the brand providers all over the world have been turning to for trusted and reliable remote power supply, even in the most remote and harsh environments.



Flexenclosure is a designer and manufacturer of intelligent power management systems and prefabricated data centre buildings for the ICT industry. The company provides systems that are fully integrated, modular, factory tested for reliability, adaptable to local conditions and quick to install. 

eSite is a hybrid power system for off-grid and bad-grid cell sites that delivers 24/7 network uptime and diesel-related cost savings of up to 90%.  eSite is an integrated single cabinet system for maximum reliability and speed of installation.  eManager, an all-in-one toolbox for site power infrastructure management including remote monitoring, power optimisation, KPI reporting and site logistics, is an integral part of eSite.


Generator Logic

Generator Logic is an innovative manufacturer of custom-built generators that provide power solutions to a wide variety of industries worldwide.

For the past decade, Generator Logic has concentrated its efforts in providing power solutions which are specific to the client’s industry and are built taking into consideration the often harsh environments in which the industries operate in Africa.

Recent innovations include our Hybrid generator incorporating the AC generator, rectifier system and battery bank in a single theft resistant “cube” ; with an optional add-on of Solar banks.

Offices in South Africa, Tanzania and Mauritius.


GS Yuasa

GS Yuasa is a Japanese company formed in 2004 by the merger of two large 100 year old battery manufacturers, Japan Storage Battery and Yuasa. At US$3.5B in sales, GS Yuasa is one of the worlds largest battery manufacturers.

GS Yuasa manufactures a full line of technologies including lithium, lead acid, nickel metal hydride, and nickel cadmium for the automotive, industrial, and specialty battery markets. Especially for Telecom market, we have developed a 48V lithium ion battery module that has outstanding cyclic life and charge acceptance that can reduce the runtime of  generators and the total cost of ownership of telecom base stations.

With 37 affiliates in 17 countries, GS Yuasa has a worldwide presence operating under the GS Yuasa, GS, and Yuasa brands.



HIMOINSA is a global corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes power generation equipment worldwide. It has extensive experience in the telecommunications market, having supplied equipment with power outputs ranging from 8 to 45KVA in the international market to well-known companies in the sector.

Our telecom range gensets can work remotely, providing efficient and reliable power and incorporate functionalities such as:  GPS system, making it possible to locate the machine at any time, fuel level alarm, remote management and remote control for gathering and recording data in real time.

HIMOINSA has develops a variable speed hybrid generator sets that reduces fuel consumption by 40% and extend maintenance periods up to 1000 hours.


ieng Group

i engineering Group provides end-to-end engineering infrastructure solutions to the telecommunications and power industries across Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Employing a dynamic team and personal approach, we’ve grown rapidly since our inception in 2007 and are now operational in twenty countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Kenya, KSA, Lebanon, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. We do managed services (active & passive) on one hand; procurement, site build and commissioning on the other; as well as fiber optic. We manage today over 6,000 sites for Africa’s largest MNOs and all 4 towercos.



Infozech is IOT based cost optimization and revenue management solution provider for telecom infrastructure providers and operators since 1999.

Infozech’s iTower Product Suite helps tower companies with Asset, Billing (Infrastructure & Energy), Site uptime and Energy Management with Analytics powered approach. Infozech’s Analytics Product Suite enable consumers with meaningful insights for smarter decisions. We believe that “Data is itself a cost till it is associated to analytics to get actionable insights”.

Infozech manages over 100,000 tower sites, tracking over 42 Million litres of fuel per year, reconciling bills worth USD 23 Million, reconciling 700,000 Assets for customers across multiple geographies.


IT-Development (ITD)

IT-Development (ITD) provides Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with an innovative end-to-end solution to efficiently manage network rollouts and operations.

We have 12,000 daily users across 20 countries. #MakeTheEverydayBetter summarizes our philosophy to keep ITD products easy to use. Our flagship is ClickOnSite, a SaaS tool specialised in site rollout (project management) and site maintenance (asset management, trouble ticketing, work orders), with remote monitoring capabilities under development.

ITD aims to be the #1 provider of software for managing site rollouts and operations to MNOs in Europe, Africa, Middle East and SE Asia, and become a significant player in the towerco community.


Jag Rattan Daan Singh & Co

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Jag Rattan Daan Singh & Co., (JRDC) has been a leading manufacturer of full-range of telescopic mobile towers (COW) in India for more than a decade. We design and develop COWs/RDU’s that can be readily deployed both in urban and rural areas. Our product range starts from 18 meters to 45 meters COW. Through continuous innovation and absolute workmanship, the company has established itself as a recognized manufacturer and exporter of telescopic towers which includes COW and RDU in the telecommunication industry.

With a vision to deliver high-quality products using cutting-edge technology, JRDC has carved a niche for itself in developing and designing “COW’ in India and abroad.



Metalogalva is a Portuguese steel manufacturing company with more than 43 years of activity in fields of Energy, Communication, Transport, Lighting, Renewables and Steel protection (hot dip galvanizing and painting). Has three industrial units (total area of 44000m² and a total gross area of 160000m²), with a galvanizing capacity (per year) of 100000 tons.

Metalogalva exports 70% of its own manufacturing for more than 40 different countries. Has invested (6.6M€) on new equipment to face the requirements/delivery times of the international markets.

Metalogalva promote the excellence of its services, investing in the researching, development and innovation of its products.


MTS–Mitas Telecom Systems Inc.

MTS MITAS TELECOM SYSTEMS INC. A WORLD-RENOWNED BRAND IN FABRICATION OF HOT DIP GALVANIZED TELECOM TOWERS…Based in Ankara Turkey, MITAS is a leading manufacturer of galvanized lattice and monopole telecom towers as well as wind measurement towers, wind tirbune towers and radar towers. Mitas has three plants in Turkey recruiting 1500 people with an annual steel processing capacity of 120,000 tons. The number of telecommunication towers delivered by Mitas has passed beyond 40,000 pcs in 136 countries. Visit us in TowerXchange Meetup 2017 to discover the unique solutions to steel infrastructure elements tailored for future’s telecommucation industry needs.


NANHUA Electronics Co., Ltd.

NANHUA is an independent enterprise with modern management which is located in Shanghai. We design, manufacture and sell world leading signal, lighting and control products which be applied in industrial areas since 1990, and focusing on aviation obstruction light system for telecom towers from 2007, has full experience in the complete line of cost-effective obstruction lighting and control solutions. NANHUA products have been proven to be professionally designed and highly reliable.

NANHUA will continue to maintain reliable, safety and simple R&D concepts, combine with the latest technology, commit to developing new products to help customer solve problems and enhance customer value.



NETIS is a Service and Infrastructure provider for the Telecom Industry in Africa, founded in 2009.

NETIS operates permanently in 7 countries namely, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  4,555 sites are under NETIS Passive and Active maintenance management, in 5 countries for the top 4 TowerCos.   Hundreds of sites and Power solutions have been built and deployed all over the African networks and NETIS has built strong partnerships with vendors whom are specialized in Power solutions, RMS, RDUs, COWs, etc.

NETIS Fiber Optic division delivers full turnkey projects from marketing survey to low-level design, network construction, equipment installation and maintenance.

At NETIS we strongly believe in partnership, the best way leading to success!

Visit us on Meetup Africa & Middle East 2016 BOOTH 321 and our website.


NorthStar Battery

NorthStar is a global leader in designing, manufacturing and deploying a wide range of batteries and energy storage solutions. Our mission is to deliver reliable and sustainable power to the world.
Using advanced technology, our products have been built to ensure longer battery life, lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact. We maintain a global presence with major operations in Sweden, USA, China and the Middle East and distribution and service centers in Latin America, Europe, Africa and APAC.
Visit our booth for more information about our new innovative products including NorthStar ACE™; the future of energy storage management!


Polar Power Inc

Polar Power, Inc. (POLA), designs, manufactures and sells direct current, or DC, power systems, lithium battery powered hybrid solar systems for applications primarily in the telecommunications market. Polar’s systems provide reliable and low-cost energy for applications for off-grid and bad-grid applications with critical power needs that cannot be without power in the event of utility grid failure. Our systems integrate DC Generators, Solar PV, DC Air-conditioning, and batteries.  Our Hybrid Solar Systems provide reliable power with very low maintenance and operational costs. Our Prime Power DC Generators provide very low fuel consumption, low maintenance with 3,000-hour oil change interval and long generator life. Our Backup DC Generators provide compact, lightweight, minimum fuel storage providing long reserve.



PRAMAC is an Italy-based company engaged in the manufacturing of power generators and material handling equipment. The Company divides its activities into two main business sectors:

POWER – In the field of power generation PRAMAC offers solutions for every kind of power demand: from the portable to the industrial power supply both for stand-by and prime power applications.

MHE- The Company develops, manufacture and sells a complete range of handling equipment aiming at satisfying customers’ requests and needs.
PRAMAC has four production plants in Italy, Spain, China and Brazil. It operates worldwide through a global distribution network of subsidiaries.



Redflow Limited is an energy storage specialist that has developed the world’s smallest flow batteries. Redflow’s unique flow batteries are designed for stationary energy storage applications ranging from its ZCell home battery to its ZBM battery range for commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment. Redflow is a publicly-listed company (ASX: RFX) that operates R&D facilities in Australia, as well as offices in the US and Europe. Produced in North America by Flex, one of the world’s largest supply chain solution companies, Redflow’s high energy density batteries are sold, installed and maintained by a global network of system integrators. Redflow batteries connect directly to the telco bus, experience no damage from regular power outages, are 100% depth of discharge and their full capacity is usable over lifetime.



Saft is the leader in high technology batteries, and has developed specifically for Telecom backup need a lithium module of 48V: Evolion.

Evolion is the perfect choice for off grid sites: combined with a Diesel Genset, it will bring high cycling capability, to save fuel consumption and drastically reduce running time of the genset.

Evolion has a compact format, that will help to be integrated in very limited space, and is maintenance free, reducing the OPEX of the hybrid off grid or on grid site.



SEDEMAC Mechatronics is a product innovation company which manufactures wide range of control products like a range of AMF genset controllers, electronic governors and variable speed controls for diesel gensets / engines.

SEDEMAC was founded by four technocrats who came together as part of a research group at India’s premium engineering institute.What started as a small lab-based enterprise has now grown into India’s fastest growing powertrain controls company.

Today, SEDEMAC is India’s No. 1 in genset controls market and is the preferred choice amongst all the major OEMs in India and supplies/licenses unique control products to the leading manufacturers such as Bajaj, TVS, Hero MotoCorp, Mahindra, Kirloskar, Cummins, Ashok Leyland, TATA Motors etc.



SerEnergy is a world leading developer and manufacturer of power systems providing primary, supplementary and backup power for telecom and utility applications. With a system based on reformed methanol fuel cell technology, SerEnergy is able to provide a very compact power generation system that does not generate harmful emissions, noise or vibrations. At the same time, the power system is a front runner in terms of low maintenance requirements while being environmentally friendly.

With headquarters in Aalborg, Denmark, SerEnergy is the largest methanol fuel cell manufacturer worldwide with a production capacity up to 25MW (5000 units) per year.



Skipper Limited established in 1981 is one of the leading companies in the Power Transmission & Distribution and the PVC pipes segment. With over 30 years of domain knowledge it is the largest T&D Structure manufacturer in India and ranks amongst the Top 10 globally basis. Skipper differentiates its offerings with high quality but cost effective solution for infrastructure providers and telecom operators. The company has eight manufacturing facilities in India and engages in manufacturing of Power Transmission Towers & Poles, Monopoles, Mild Steel and High Tensile Angles, Fasteners, GI / ERW pipes and Solar Mounting Structure. Its international footprint spans across continents such as Latin America, Europe, and Africa and is spread across 20 countries.



Total is the world’s fourth-ranked oil and gas company and a global leader in solar energy through our affiliate SunPower. With operations in more than 130 countries, we have 100,000 employees who are committed to better energy.

Supplying affordable energy to a growing population, addressing climate change and meeting new customer expectations are the three main challenges Total must meet as an energy major.



Vertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for communication networks as well as data centres and commercial and industrial facilities. Formerly Emerson Network Power, Vertiv supports today’s growing mobile and cloud computing markets with a portfolio of power, thermal and infrastructure management solutions including the ASCO®, Chloride®, Liebert®, NetSure™ and Trellis™ brands.

Telecom and IT infrastructure solutions from Vertiv deliver purposefully designed and integrated hardware, software, and services that enable your network infrastructure to be as dynamic as your business. Ranging from site planning to test and turn-up, our experience and dedicated approach to providing turnkey solutions will compliment your business investment. For more information, visit our website.

Association Partner

National Association of Tower Erectors

The National Association of Tower Erectors is dedicated to providing a unified voice for tower erection, service and maintenance companies and recognized as the tower industry leader in promoting safety, education, uniform practices and procedures.

Media Partner

Africa Monitor

Africa Monitor is internationally recognised as providing essential information for anyone doing business in, or with Africa.  The publication provides subscribers with systematic political risk assessment, economic forecasts and business analysis for every country across the region.

Published by Business Monitor International, the emerging market specialists, Africa Monitor is broken down into four sub regional publications, of which any combination can be subscribed to.  The Middle East and Africa Monitor website includes ALL the content from the publications, a 24-month archive, and gives the added flexibility of exploring that content by country, topic or keyword.

Our publications are subscribed to by over 50% of the Global Fortune 500 companies.  Why not take the time to find out why?  Click here to visit our website or call Tel: +44 (0) 20 7246 1403

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Telecommunications Insight

Telecommunications Insight provides subscribers with analysis, forecasts and company profiles on a country-by-country basis, covering the key trends impacting on global telecommunications markets.  The service includes online access to the very latest analysis and data, a searchable archive, and PDF access to the monthly regional Insight reports.

Published by Business Monitor International, the global market specialists, Telecommunications Insight is broken down into five regional services: Asia, Western Europe, Emerging Europe, the Middle East & Africa and the Americas.

For further information please view our website or call Tel: +44 (0) 20 7246 1403.

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Analysys Mason

Analysys Mason is a global specialist adviser on telecoms, media and technology (TMT). At the core of Analysys Mason’s offering are two key services: consultancy and research. To support these, we have developed skills and techniques that deliver tangible results for clients the world over. One of the features that sets our consultancy work apart is our exclusive focus on TMT. We are specialists, and proud of it. Analysys Mason works with clients across the TMT sector; regulators, operators, vendors, financial institutions and other market players. We never forget that the point of consultancy is to make a tangible difference to our clients’ businesses. In terms of our research, many of the world’s leading network operators, vendors, regulators and investors subscribe to our research programmes and rely on our insight to inform their decision making. Clients also have the opportunity to engage one-to-one with our subject-matter experts for tailored advice on critical business issues.

Media partner

Inside Towers

Inside Towers is a daily, digital publication delivering breaking, relevant, and actionable news to wireless infrastructure professionals. While there is plenty of news and information regarding wireless, news specifically targeted towards towers is rare.Inside Towers is written for tower people, by tower people. With over 8,000 subscribers, Inside Towers has grown at an incredible rate since it began in 2013.

Inside Towers covers a wide range of pertinent tower topics including zoning issues, marketplace and values, company profiles, new products, tower safety, job listings, industry events, tower shots and international news, just to name a few.

Inside Towers also offers a companion Buyer’s Guide, Tower-Pro.comTower-Pro.com is the leading telecom directory, with thousands of industry product and service vendors, right at your fingertips. Check for your company’s free listing or search companies to match your specific needs.

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Engineering News

Engineering News is South Africa’s premier source of weekly real economy news on projects, products, policies, personalities and technoeconomic progress, covering a wide range of industries – from agroprocessing to information technology – mainly in South and Southern Africa.  To be found on the Internet at www.engineeringnews.co.za, Engineering News Online provides real time news reportage through originated written, video and audio material. Readers may choose to visit the free to air aspects of the site, may register for a daily email newsletter and may choose to subscribe to the site’s full search function, back copy archive and projects browser. A mobile version of Engineering News Online is available at m.engineeringnews.co.za and an Engineering News application is also available in the iTunes store for users of the iPhone.