TowerXchange Meetup Africa Post-Event Report 2019

Please download the 2019 Post-Event Report from TowerXchange Meetup Africa.

Even our most industrious attendee would struggle to attend all 37 roundtables and closed-door sessions, speak with all 50 speakers, or swap business cards with all 47 sponsors and exhibitors – and that is why we share these write-ups to help you have the fullest experience of our events.

Download TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2019 report

Because 32% of our attendees were from towercos or MNOs and 31% are C-level, you can be assured that you are getting the definitive line on what matters for the industry. In the 120+ pages of our post-event write-up we report on what matters most to the industry. Here’s a glimpse inside:

MNOs challenge towercos to do more for their tenants, in a panel discussion which pulled no punches on the future of the industry, with Airtel Africa’s CTO Razvan Urugeanu, Navi Naidoo, CTO of MTN Group and Ian Paterson, Chief Investment Officer of Africell

An interview with Helios Towers’ CEO Kash Pandya. Helios Towers went public the week following the event, in a move that signals the start of a new era in African telecom towers

MTN’s plan to transition the majority of their 13,000 retained towers to ESCOs, covered in a write-up on future energy investment which also covers Ethio Telecom, Vodacom and Orange

Insights into Ethiopia’s market opening and demand for 5,800 new towers, covered in an editorial writing up the discussion of our Ethiopia Focus Group

Africa’s chances of leapfrogging to 5G are being held back by poor urban planning, and a lack of coordination which is hampering 4G networks

Rural sites top the agenda at TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2019, towercos and MNOs are searching out new markets, and speak about how new business models and new technology are enabling rural rollouts

Download TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2019 report