Energy focus group

What do cell site power systems of tomorrow look like?

Wednesday 4 October 2017
11.40 – 13.10
By prior invitation only


An interactive session for MNOs, towercos, invited subject matter experts and select equipment vendors, we take a detailed look at the factors influencing the design and rollout of power systems in on-grid, poor-grid and off-grid scenarios and examine what the future shape of power provision will be.

From in the field testing and predicted cost curves of new technologies to the energy requirements of new antenna and negotiations with grid operators, the focus group examines the impact on capex, opex and site operations in tomorrow’s market.


Part one: status update (MNO and towerco short introductions)
– What percentage of sites are on good grid, poor-grid or off-grid?
– What power systems are currently deployed on sites, how much fuel are you storing, what is average generator run time and what are the typical lifespans and replacement cycles of technologies?
– How is the price of grid power changing and how do you forecast grid availability/ quality changing? Does this affect future plans?
– What are plans for new solutions, energy upgrades and hybrid system deployment?
– What is your sensitivity to return (on investment)? For example, will the solution will be based on lowest entry cost or best total cost after 3 years?


Where are power requirements going? (Invited guest speakers and group debates)
– The opportunity for towers to act as a grid balancing solution and how this can improve negotiations with grid operators
– Discussions with grid operators across MEA and how they view telecoms supporting grid rollout and what regulation exists
– What do future antenna look like and will this affect power requirements? What will be power supply requirements for small as well as macro cells?
– How keenly are carbon reduction requirements shaping procurement decisions?
– Experience supplying to micro-grids and how the telecoms sector can interface


Part three: what will be the technology requirements to address this? (group discussion)
– Are existing products fit for purpose? How capable are they of high cycles and what is their lifespan?
– What is the appetite for alternative storage chemistries, how extensively have they been tested?
– What does the cost curve look like for alternative technologies and what is forecasted ROI?
– How effectively are companies bringing down the energy load on sites?
– Where are the next innovations coming on a technology front?
– The importance of skills development in parallel


Part four: One to one meetings (to be arranged by participants)


Confirmed participants include:

Fakhre Khattak, Passive Infrastructure Specialist, MTN
Daniel Obonyo, Category Sourcing Manager – Infrastructure, Safaricom
Aristide Yao, Head of Power Supply, Moov Côte d’Ivoire
Rob Salbego, Director, Technical , Helios Towers Africa
Adedoyin Adeola, Regional General Manager, IHS Nigeria
Henco Pretorius, Head of Legal, Atlas Tower
Patrick Britz, Senior Manager, Infrastructure, Powercom
Zardasht Hasan, PMO Director, Korek Telecom
Divyajeet Mahajan, Executive, Econet Wireless
Edmin Lutalala, Network Facilities Specialist, Airtel Tanzania


Eligibility to join

As an invitation-only session, priority is given to MNO and towerco technical teams for who the session has been designed. If you work for an operator and towerco and would like to participate, please email Laura Graves, Managing Director of EMEA at [email protected]

A small number of places are open for equipment vendors to participate. If you would like to find out how to get involved, please email Annabelle Mayhew at [email protected]


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