Briefings and focus groups

Buyer briefings
Tuesday 9 October | Multiple sessions
(by invitation only)

Closed door, invitation only sessions for buyers to explain their technology and service requirements and upcoming procurement plans.

Confirmed briefings include: Helios Towers, MTN, Atlas Tower, Econet Wireless, Safaricom



Regulatory focus group: Infrastructure forum for the Digital Economy 
Tuesday 9 October | 14.00 – 15.00
(by invitation only)

The 4th meeting of your industry regulatory working group brings together the government liaison, legal and regulatory stakeholders from leading towercos with invited experts. After extensive consultation with towercos worldwide, the increasing preference seems to be for the formalisation of a working group primarily supporting towercos in Africa, Asia and CALA, tapping into and sharing global best practice through a federation with our peer groups, such as TAIPA, the EWIA, WIA and CITA.


Energy focus group: A roadmap for the evolution of cell site power systems
Wednesday 10 October | 11.15 – 12.30
(by invitation only)

With particular emphasis on in the field results and TCO forecasts for different products and systems, this session brings together users of energy equipment and those at the bleeding edge of innovations to examine where tangible advancements are being made and how these are futureproofed for tomorrow’s infrastructure


– The current energy configuration of attendee tower portfolios and their upgrade plans
– Graduation from pilot to procurement: technologies on the cusp of wider scale deployment and concerns still to be answered over integration, servicing and longevity
– Bleeding edge innovation: what new technologies is the industry excited to hear more about?
– Tomorrow’s power requirements: who will manage power? What will be the demand of new base stations? Low cost solutions for rural sites?

Confirmed MNOs and towercos to date: Helios Towers, MTN, Econet, Safaricom, Atlas Tower, Moov, Pan African Towers, Al Karama Towers

Confirmed ESCOs to date: Energy Vision, Voltalia, Aktivco (Camusat), IPT PowerTech

Qualified vendors: Ausonia, Bladon Jets, Eltek, Elum Energy, Enatel Energy, EnerSys, Ericsson, Flexenclosure, Gridserve, HIMOINSA, Microtex Energy, Northstar Battery, Polar Power, PRAMAC, SEDEMAC, SerEnergy, Tecnoelettra, TSS

To enquire about eligibility to get involved please contact Rebecca Symonds:

Read the report from the 2017 working group


Fibre focus group: Fibreco CXOs on rollout plans and synergies with other infrastructure providers
Wednesday 10 October | 13.30 – 15.00

Hosted by the FTTX Council Africa

Increasingly the fibre and tower worlds are converging. As fibrecos continue to rollout backbone and metropolitan networks across the continent, this session welcomes fibre CXOs to discuss the growth of the sector, the challenges it faces, how business models are evolving and what potential synergies, conflicts, partnerships and M&A activity with towercos could emerge.



Access to briefings and focus groups (with the exception of the fibre group) is by invitation only. To apply to join or enquire about eligibility, please contact Annabelle Mayhew:

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