Meetup Americas 2018 roundtables

Roundtables listed in light blue will be conducted in Spanish

Session I: Wednesday 20 June | 11:30

1A. Mexico: is the tower sector (finally) at a turning point? Gonzalo Cornejo, Chief Fnancial Officer, Mexico Tower Partner

1C. Edge computing: what’s in it for towercos and infracos? Fernando Gordo, Director in Chief – Transformation Office, Huawei

1D. What’s next in LatAm towers: an overview of new trends, laws, countries affecting the tower sector – Jose Varela, COO, Grupo TorreSur

1E. Que significa “eficiencia”: la perspectiva de un operador – Jesus Eduardo Diez, Experto Eficiencias, Gerencia de Planificación y Eficiencias CAM, Telefónica Centroamérica

1F. Smart negotiation tips to maximise returns and valuations – Mariano Gomez, Vice President – Business Development, BTS Towers

1G. Swift and effective evaluation of M&A opportunities in new markets – Robert Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins

1H. El camino divergente de la infraestructura hacia 5G – Eduardo Wiñazky, Consultor especialista de redes y telecomunicaciones

1I. How towercos can optimise cost by investing in efficient technology and products – Shylesh Moras, Vice President – Operations, Phoenix Tower International

Session II: Wednesday 20 June | 14:45

2A. Brazil, its recovery process and the impact on BTS, deals and overall performances – Mauricio Giusti, Chief Executive Officer, Phoenix Tower do Brasil

2C. Understanding and getting involved in the complex regulatory / permitting environments in CALA – Rodrigo Jiménez Castellanos, Vice President – Public Affairs LatAm, American Tower

2D. Country focus: Peru – Fernando García Alvarez, Gerente de Construcción e Infraestructura de Red, Vicepresidencia de Redes, Entel Peru

2E. The pros and cons of outsourcing non-core functions to shared services – Cecilia Fantinelli, CFO Brazil, American Tower

2F. ¿Que necesitan construir los operadores en CALA? El cambio de paradigma de macro-torres a soluciones alternativas – Eduardo Concha, Gerente Departamento de Gestión Inmobiliaria Integral Sitios Técnicos, Gerencia Divisional Construcción Infraestructura, Entel Chile

2G. The need for rural coverage and new business models for towercos: examples from across the region – Gonzalo Arauz, Lead Investment Officer, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

2H. Valuing ahead of tower sales: how much is my portfolio worth? David Porte, Senior Vice President – International, Strategy and Business Development, SBA Communications

2I. Are your towers secure? Case studies and success stories on securing tower sites across the Americas – Albert Crosby, Board Member, Acsys Technologies and Majed Minkara, CEO, Acsys Technologies

Session III: Thursday 21 June | 10:00

3A. Country focus: Argentina – Eduardo Wiñazky, Consultor especialista de redes y telecomunicaciones

3C. Country focus: Colombia – Chris Carraway, Director of Sales, Latin America, Phoenix Tower International

3D. Women in towers forum – Maria Scotti, CEO, Torrecom

3E. Los retos de desarrollar redes en Centroamérica hoyen día: las dinámicas locales, nuevas normativas y prioridades – Carlos Santiago Rodriguez Medina, Subdirector Planificación y Control de Gestión Económica, Eficiencias CAM, Telefónica Centroamérica

3F. How can investors establish the right KPIs for independent developers’ management teams? Flavio Siqueira, Senior Director – International, SBA Communications

3G. Towers, fibre and more: investibility, opportunities and operational challenges – Carlos Tilac, COO, Torrecom and Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, IFC

3H. Why should towercos go public? Alejandro Ochoa, CEO, Tower One

3I. Outsourcing vs in-house: the carrier’s choice between DIY and utilising third-party players – George Atuan Ghneim, Gerente Planificación y Nuevos Negocios, Gerencia de Estrategia e Innovación, Entel Chile

Session IV: Thursday 21 June | 14:15

4A. New routes for CALA towercos: Paraguay, Panama and beyond – Juan Cueria, VP and Chief Operating Officer, Innovattel/Torresec

4C. How to operate a solid BTS firm (with an exit in mind) – Eric Ensor, President, Quiet Water Associates

4D. MNO forum – TowerXchange representative

4E. Make or Break: MLA and ground lease terms and conditions – Josh Koenig, Vice President & Associate General Counsel – International, SBA Communications

4F. A towerco perspective on IBS, small cells and DAS – Juan Rosas, New Technologies & Business Development Manager, Torrecom

4G. IoT: Oportunidades para empresas de torres y operadores – Eduardo Wiñazky, Consultor especialista de redes y telecomunicaciones and Gonzalo Arauz, Lead Investment Officer, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

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