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New for 2019: closed door briefings

1) Internet para Todos’ closed-door session (in Spanish). Formed by Telefónica, Facebook, IADB and CAF, Internet Para Todos is an innovative open access wholesale infrastructure operator that aims to provide connectivity in rural areas across Peru, where 3.2mn people only have access to voice services and 2.8mn don’t enjoy any coverage at all.

Internet para Todos’ CEO Teresa Maria Gomes De Almeida will be hosting a closed-door session to present the project and discuss this innovative business model, its strategy and infrastructure requirements.

Country and regional focus:

– Argentina: what’s been done and crucial bottlenecks

– Brazil: a new golden age for the telecom infrastructure industry

– Caribbean: are the operational challenges worth it?

– Central America: reshaping the regional MNO landscape

– Colombia: could the market blossom with the 700MHz spectrum auction?

– Chile: a testbed for new technologies and site innovation

– Mexico: is the market improving or can it be fixed?

– Peru: an investible yet underdeveloped market

Operational focus:

– Tackling the deployment of smart solutions and small cells in CALA

– The dynamics of the fibre market across CALA: new business opportunities for towercos for acquisitions and new deployments

– Energy management best practices: why it makes sense for towercos to enter the game

– Should towercos own power solutions or partner with an ESCO? A comparison of models and solutions

– Beyond passive infrastructure: are towercos taking over semi-active and active sides of the business?

– How to achieve operational excellence through your supply chain

– Should CALA towercos and MNOs investing in site management systems? Why professionalising your sites is a good investment

– Reducing the number of site visits: processes, people and technology

– 5G in CALA: spectrum allocation, network challenges, power requirements and new site topography

– The power requirements set by 5G

– Edge data centres: the necessary evolution of towercos towards more integrated services

– Can MNOs and towercos stop competing and start collaborating in the DAS and small cells industry?

– The push towards renewables: what’s in it for towercos, suppliers and MNOs?

Legal and financial focus:

– Key value creation in towerco and fibreco contracts

– Investor (mis)conceptions about towerco business models globally and how to tackle them

– The evolution of M&As and MLAs

– Exploring investment synergies: data centres, fibre and towers

– Who are the new funds and investors bringing money to CALA? And what are they looking for?

– The potential impact of IFRS16: ROA, EBITDA, sale and leaseback reduction and shorter commitments

– The challenges and benefits of auto-generation and PPAs

– Boosting social license to operate: community engagement and value creation

What are TowerXchange’s roundtable sessions?

TowerXchange runs four roundtable sessions throughout each Meetup. Roundtables are small group, breakout discussions on key operational, financial, strategic topics, led by a subject-matter expert. Roundtable discussions represent the core networking aspect of TowerXchange Meetups and a unique opportunity to understand the dynamics of the industry, share your knowledge and meet peers and prospects.

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