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We have been closely monitoring the situation of Covid-19 its impact on global travel plans and the likely attendance at the TowerXchange Meetup Americas, which had been due to commence on June 23-24 in Boca Raton. After consultation with our partners and sponsors, we have taken the decision to postpone the event to later in the year – we will announce new dates soon.

If you have any questions regarding the event please email and one of our team will be able to help you.

We will be updating the 2020 roundtables in the following few weeks. Check out the roundtable list below to find out strategic discussions from last year.

Roundtable session I

1A. Closed-door session: Telecom Argentina’s strategy, operational challenges and collaboration opportunities (in Spanish – sim-trans provided)

Argentinian telecoms leader Telecom will offer an overview of its deployment and maintenance strategy and share the company’s requirements on energy, site equipment, purchase policy and capex reduction initiatives.

Alejandro Berenyi, Gerente, Gestión del Despliegue Móvil, Construcción de Redes Móviles, Telecom Argentina

Nicolas Hidalgo, Búsqueda de Sitios, Gestión del Despliegue Móvil, Construcción de Redes Móviles, Telecom Argentina

1B. Asegurando tus activos: principales desafíos, soluciones y oportunidades para la cooperación – Luis Humberto Díaz, Director de Operaciones, Telesites (in Spanish)

1C. Chile and Peru: new opportunities, innovation and barriers – Ricardo Ruiz, Vice President, International Operations, SBA Communications

1D. How to achieve operational excellence through your supply chain – Shylesh Moras, SVP of Operations, Phoenix Tower International

1E. Edge data centres: the necessary evolution of towercos towards more integrated services – Eric De Sedas, COO, Torrecom

1F. Democratising assets to communications infrastructure: utility synergies and open access networks – Isfandiyar Shaheen, Founder & CEO, NetEquity Networks Inc

1G. Technology Working Group: Data collection and utilisation – Caroline Gabriel, Principal Analyst, Research, Analysys Mason and Charles Murray, Partner, Consulting, Analysys Mason

1H. The potential impact of IFRS16: sale and leaseback reduction, shorter commitments and other MLA implications – Natalie Lamb, Senior Professional Support Attorney, Vinson & Elkins

1J. Who are the new funds and investors bringing money to CALA? What are they looking for? Alexander Hadden, Director, Structured Finance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

1K. La evolución de los modelos de negocio: nuevos contratos de arrendamiento, servicios integrales y tendencias regionales – Maria Elena Motta, Technology Opex Team Leader CAM, Telefónica (in Spanish)

Roundtable session II

2A. Closed-door session: Telefónica’s deployment plans and future projects of a global leader (in Spanish – sim-trans provided)

As one of the main regional players, the Spanish telecoms giant will be presenting its global and regional infrastructure plans, challenges and opportunities, as well as different initiatives that the company is implementing to drive efficiencies across its portfolio.

Nilmar Seccomandi, Head of Network & Systems Infrastructure, Telefónica

2B. Argentina: ¿Cuáles son las principales barreras para el despliegue y qué avances regulatorios está impulsando el gobierno? Manuel Aviles, CEO, Innovattel and Juan Cueria, COO, Innovattel (in Spanish)

2C. The new dynamics in Central America: MNOs consolidation, regulatory challenges and beyond David Porte, SVP International, Strategy and Business Development, SBA Communications

2D. The dynamics of the fibre market across CALA: new business opportunities for towercos for acquisitions and new deployments – Don van Splunteren, Global Vice President of Sales and Leasing, Phoenix Tower International

2E. Más allá de los operadores telefónicos: diversificación y nuevas fuentes de ingresos – Mariano J. Peralta, Gerente Operaciones, Broadband, DIRECTV (in Spanish)

2F. Mexico Tower Partners: market overview and new financing models – Gonzalo Cornejo, CFO, Mexico Tower Partners

2G. New capital and new financial structures in Latin America’s telecoms – Edgar L. Cabanas, Investment Officer, IDB Invest, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB)

2H. Tackling the deployment of smart solutions and small cells in CALA – Leandro Simões, CEO, K2-Tower

2J. Energy storage standards, reliability and safety – Alexandra Rasch, CEO & Founder, Caban Systems

Roundtable session III

3A. Closed-door presentation: Internet Para Todos (in Spanish – sim-trans provided)

Formed by Telefónica, Facebook, IADB and CAF, Internet Para Todos is an innovative open access wholesale infrastructure operator that aims to provide connectivity in rural areas across Peru, where 3.2mn people only have access to voice services and 2.8mn don’t enjoy any coverage at all. The company will be deploying 4G technology on 3,130 sites and building around 1,000 towers.

Renan Ruiz, CTO, Internet Para Todos

3B. Closed-door session: Lease valuations

A brainstorming session for finance experts and investors to share ideas and best practices on how to value leases with tricky terms including:

– Short notice cancellation terms
– RANsharing
– Partial payment calculations
– Unsecured ground (eg. municipal owned sites)

David Porte, SVP International, Strategy and Business Development, SBA Communications

3C. Brazil: a new golden age for the telecom infrastructure industry – Mauricio Giusti, CEO, Phoenix Tower do Brasil

3D. What are towercos buying? Capex reduction initiatives and purchase requirements across Latin America – Chris Carraway, Director of Sales, Latin America, Phoenix Tower International

3E. Identifying priorities to enhance the regulatory, permitting and taxation environment in CALA towers – Charles “Chuck” Green, CEO, International Digital Infrastructure Alliance

3F. Eficiencia, estrategias energéticas y renovables: mejores prácticas y alternativas – Jesus Eduardo Diez, Efficiency Leader CAM, Telefónica (in Spanish)

 3G. Investor (mis)conceptions about towerco business models globally and how to tackle them – Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

3H. Exploring investment synergies: data centres, fibre and towers – Alex Ramirez, Managing Director, Global TMT Group, Citi

Roundtable session IV

4B. Closed-door session: Entel’s markets overview, company requirements and operational obstacles in Chile and Peru (in Spanish – consecutive translation provided)  

– New technologies and typologies
– Optimisation strategies
– Energy efficiency
– Security challenges and needs

Eduardo Concha, Gerente Departamento de Gestión Inmobiliaria Integral Sitios Técnicos, Gerencia Divisional Construcción Infraestructura, Entel Chile

Daniel Quiñones, Gerente Legal, Entel Perú

Israel Vega, Gerente de Construcción e Infraestructura de Red, Entel Perú

4C. How are investors dealing with currency exposure in CALA? Beth Michelson, Senior Managing Director, Cartesian Capital Group

4D. Operational and technology considerations around small cells and indoor solutions – Juan Rosas, Business Development Director, Torrecom

4E. Obteniendo licencia social y permisos para operar: relaciones políticas y comunitarias – Felix Hasenclever, Founder & COO, Atis Group (in Spanish)

4F. Beyond passive infrastructure: are towercos taking over semi-active and active sides of the business? Mariano Gomez, Vice President, Business Development, BTS Towers

What are TowerXchange’s roundtable sessions?

TowerXchange runs four roundtable sessions throughout each Meetup. Roundtables are small group, breakout discussions on key operational, financial, strategic topics, led by a subject-matter expert. Roundtable discussions represent the core networking aspect of TowerXchange Meetups and a unique opportunity to understand the dynamics of the industry, share your knowledge and meet peers and prospects.

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