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If you would like to get involved in the TowerXchange Meetup Americas, contact Annabelle Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer, at amayhew@towerxchange.com

Why should I pay money to attend / exhibit / sponsor TowerXchange Meetups?

TowerXchange is the only firm that effectively facilitates the interaction among decision makers from the telecom infrastructure industry. We invest heavily in our research and know more about the international tower business than anyone else! And this is why our events are the best place where to meet a qualified audience of customers and prospects.

How we promote TowerXchange Meetups (and why you should not miss this opportunity!)

The core of our promotional campaign is TowerXchange’s proprietary database of the top 35,000 decision makers in the global telecom tower industry. The TowerXchange database includes the management teams of 264 towercos who between them own 2,936,086 (68.2%) of the world’s 4.3mn towers and rooftops.

We also maintain relationships with over 3,000 CXOs and Heads of M&A, Network Planning, Procurement and Tower Strategy at MNOs worldwide. TowerXchange is read by 2,015 individuals at over 600 investment firms, of which 116 have capital deployed in towers and is followed by 842 investment bankers and advisors.

TowerXchange also maintains the world’s most exhaustive database of telecom infrastructure suppliers, from tower manufacturers, managed service providers, to RMS, site management platforms, access control and energy equipment and service providers.

Every month TowerXchange adds an average of 700 new highly qualified members to our community through a combination of “pull” marketing via TowerXchange research, and P2P introductions and research within the tower industry.

A total of 68 personalised emails with industry specific messaging were sent to our database to promote the TowerXchange Meetup Americas. Our email campaign is supported by a direct mail campaign to 300-400 selected VIPs, and by courtesy calls to over 1,000 key target attendees.

A unique feature of our marketing campaign is the TowerXchange Americas Dossier – this annual publication collates and updates critical baseline data and includes the best interviews conducted throughout the year with key Central and South American industry stakeholders.

We use Google Adwords to amplify the findability of the dossier, and other selected industry news and analyses, attracting new, qualified members to our community.

How much does it cost to engage with TowerXchange?

It all depends on your expectations and requirements. We can tailor packages to accommodate your budget and vision. We know we aren’t cheap compared to other events but we offer a high quality customer experience befitting the seniority of our attendees, and access to unique insights and connections.

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Diamond sponsor:

SBA Communications

SBA Communications Corporation is a first choice provider and leading owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure in North, Central and South America. By “Building Better Wireless,” SBA generates revenue from two primary businesses – site leasing and site development services.

In our site leasing business, SBA leases antenna space on our multi-tenant towers to a variety of wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts. SBA owns and operates over 30,000 towers across North, Central and South America. We build our towers at the request of wireless carriers, leveraging our in-house experience in site acquisition, zoning and construction. Our ability to offer carriers a comprehensive portfolio of communication sites is complementary to our tower ownership business. Currently, SBA manages approximately 5,000 communication site locations on behalf of third-party landlords.

Through our site development services, SBA offers wireless service providers assistance in developing their own networks. Our services include site identification and acquisition as well as obtaining zoning approvals and permitting for networks representing all technologies. SBA also provides a broad range of cell site equipment installation, optimization and integration services. Our extensive site development experience includes participation in the development of more than 120,000 communication sites.

Silver sponsor:


Siterra, an Accruent Product, addresses the software needs of tower companies to sell co-locations, upgrade capacity, build-to-suit, maintain accurate asset registers, manage maintenance, and collaborate with vendors operationally as well as consolidate and integrate tower-related software technically. Sixteen of the towercos and infracos that TowerXchange tracks are current Siterra customers, spanning 18 countries and five continents. The first version of the Siterra site management platform was released in 2001. 100,000 users later, Siterra has become the industry standard, must-have operating software for tower companies today. Accruent works with its leading towerco customers to jointly develop new features that are deployed regularly through the SaaS platform to constantly improve customer value. Accruent has developed global process standards with local flexibility to pair with best-in-class software functionality.

Accruent’s telecommunications division serves some of the world’s largest mobile network operators and service providers in addition to tower companies, helping link employees from different organizations in the industry to collaborate to projects. Accruent is the largest independent provider of commercial property management software, serving the telecom, manufacturing, retail, education, healthcare, and corporate markets with over 10,000 customers in 150+ countries.

Silver sponsor:

Acsys International Ltd.

Acsys International is a global technology company specialized in security and access management of critical infrastructure through the emerging field of remote access management solution. Instigated in 1999 from the technologies of two French defense contractors, Acsys International provides remote access control using both smart-key and keyless solutions. The signature Intelligent Access Management System (iAMS) is a platform that brings together smart-padlocks, smart-keys and management software to provide a powerful means to control who goes where and when, indoors and outdoors.

Our highly specialized and international team of engineers develops world-unique and patented solutions–from the Code Generation System (CGS) and Keypad Key to remote staff management via the mobile App. This modular, and solution-oriented approach sets Acsys International apart from other security solution provider in the market. With presence in 64 countries, our clients are global leaders from different industries, including telecommunications, power, mining, logistics and more.

Bronze sponsor


BALESIA TOWERS is a leading independent owner and operator of telecommunication towers, initial operations footprint in Peru has expanded across North and South America.

Experiencing one of its best moments BALESIA is operating and expanding its potential markets in countries such as: Perú, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mexico, Bolivia and Argentina.

With an existing portfolio of more than 500 towers and under  development, with a pipeline of more than 1,500 projected  for next two years.

The industry experience of BALESIA’s management team and their longstanding relationships with decision-makers  of leading cellular operators, combined with BALESIA’s reputation for timely delivery of high quality sites, assures continued award of BTS sites for the for seeable future.

Bronze sponsor

Continental Towers

Continental Towers is a regional telecommunications infrastructure provider dedicated to understanding and exceeding carrier requirements and managing the largest private portfolio of sites throughout Central America, Colombia and Peru. With more than a decade of experience across the various markets, the company has consistently demonstrated an undisputed track record of providing solutions to the needs of carriers, communities and neighbors in all the market in which we operate. Combining our international scope, individual market presences and strong collaborative approach with local partners and providers, the company has emerged as one of the most important and versatile towercos in Latin America.

Bronze sponsor:


KLEOS specializes in designing and building advanced wireless communication systems. It provides the world’s most powerful LTE/4G+ base station, PEGASUS. PEGASUS is a platform that empowers operators and enable them to achieve higher profitability by providing a more ubiquitous coverage, higher capacity, an exceptional performance in combating interference and an unprecedented simplicity and flexibility in deployment. This wireless superiority coupled with our unique IoT platform capabilities and smart Virtual EPC, position our solution as the ultimate path for both, Commercial and Public Safety operators, in their evolution towards the new era of 5G.

Bronze sponsor:

Phoenix Tower do Brasil

Phoenix Tower do Brasil (“PTB”) own and operate towers and other wireless infrastructure and related sites throughout Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, French West Indies, Colombia, Peru, United States, and Brazil.

PTB are devoted to helping our wireless infrastructure partners—customers, sellers, landlords, and communities—achieve their goals. Focused on the principles of unwavering hard work and integrity, we demonstrate this mission every day through the fair and collaborative manner in which we deal with our business partners and the dedicated operation of the wireless infrastructure sites we own and operate.

Bronze sponsor:

Phoenix Tower International

Phoenix Tower International (“PTI”) own and operate towers and other wireless infrastructure and related sites throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, French West Indies, Jamaica, Argentina, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Bronze sponsor:


Signify, formerly known as Philips Lighting, is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and lighting for the Internet of Things. 

BrightSites by Signify delivers an innovative smart pole solution that promotes city livability, connectivity, and enables mobile network operators around the world to deliver Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G LTE as well as IoT applications to the citizens while maintaining the city’s aesthetics. This smart infrastructure supports multiple wireless platforms and provides a standardized, aesthetically pleasing, solution with all components enclosed and obscured from public view.

Bronze sponsor:


Sitetracker powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure. As the global standard for managing high-volume projects, the Sitetracker Platform enables growth-focused innovators to optimize the entire asset lifecycle. From the field to the C-suite, Sitetracker enables stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios. Market leaders in the telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and alternative energy industries — such as Verizon, Nokia, Fortis, Alphabet, and Panasonic — rely on Sitetracker to manage millions of sites and projects representing over $19 billion of portfolio holdings globally. For more information, visit our website.

Bronze sponsor:


Founded in 2010, Torrecom is a leading developer, owner and operator of wireless communication sites in Latin America having secured over 2,000 sites through Sale Leasebacks (SLB) and Build-to-Suit Agreements (BTS) in the region over the past four years. Torrecom currently has over 800 sites in operation and continues to expand its portfolio through BTS and SLB’s in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Torrecom is your most complete resource for wireless telecommunications sites. Carriers in all countries that Torrecom operates rely on Torrecom to identify and deliver the right site.  Including  Towers, Building Rooftops, DAS, Indoor Solutions and alternate site locations to help carriers provide full coverage to their customers.

Our background gives us the unmatched ability to determine a sites true potential to serve as a viable and effective wireless telecommunications location. Torrecom is intimately familiar with the technical complexities of today’s modern networks, as well as the maze of regulations that apply to telecommunication sites in each market that we participate. No other company is as qualified to guide you through the complicated process of identifying and activating a wireless telecommunications site.

The time has come to make Torrecom your partner in identifying, developing and deploying wireless telecommunications sites.  Be sure to join as at www.torrecom.com.

Bronze sponsor:

Vinson & Elkins RLLP

Vinson & Elkins is one of the oldest and largest international law firms, with approximately 700 lawyers located in 15 offices around the world.

Our global telecommunications team has extensive experience advising on international telecoms and telecoms infrastructure M&A transactions, including in respect of towers, data centres, fibre, wireless and wireline technology. We have significant industry experience, advising on telecoms transactions in numerous countries, including across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East and our team is well recognised for such transactions worldwide. Our telecommunications advice includes acquisitions and disposals, debt and equity financing, infrastructure development, operational arrangements, regulatory matters and dispute resolution.

We also have significant experience in the negotiation and drafting of sale and purchase, debt and equity financing, master lease, build-to-suit, site management, site marketing and service level arrangements, fibre IRUs and other complex commercial contracts.


Abloy Oy

Abloy Oy is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality locks, locking systems and architectural hardware and the world’s leading developer of high security electromechanical locking technology. For decades Abloy has delivered security solutions to protect telecommunications sites and assets. At its simplest level, the CLIQ® system eliminates the risks and expense caused by lost or stolen keys. The web managed system also facilitates financial savings, reduces CO2 emissions and provides significant time saving with ‘smart’ infrastructure integration, generating a fast pay-back and high ROI. Abloy operates in all continents and several major companies have chosen ABLOY as their trusted advisor and the solution provider in the rapidly developing and changing telecom industry.


Chengdu Hizima Technology Co., Ltd.

We provide service and product for secure and efficient telecom outdoor assets management which includes management platform, smart phone APP and smart locks. Our flexible technical architecture allows us not only satisfying the major needs of the telecom industry, but also providing specific solution with our customizable software. We offer a range of smart locks, with or without keys or the combination of the both which are secure and flexible for many different applications. Our solution satisfied several telecom customers in the past years and we are confident that we can offer you even better product and service in the near future.

Always remember HIZIMA when you have a need for Smart Locks.


Crossflow Energy

Crossflow Energy Company is a UK-based developer of affordable and reliable integrated energy solutions (IES), providing firm clean power for off and weak-grid applications. With containerised components for security, Crossflow’s remotely deployable units focus on reliability, cost-optimised operational services and energy security. The inclusion of a robust, long life, low maintenance and quiet Crossflow wind-turbine within the IES unit allows for 100% renewable energy generation at an affordable price. Ideal for rapid network extension or technology upgrades Crossflow IES are the ideal option for MNO’s and Telco Tower owners to improve reliability and reduce both energy costs and environmental impacts in remote locations.


Crowd SiteIntel by M2Catalyst, LLC

M2Catalyst is a big data/business analytics licensor that crowdsources trillions of cell tower, mobile network, device, and application data points from millions of mobile devices.  Our data scientists then utilize proprietary algorithms to generate invaluable actionable intelligence for members of the wireless ecosystem, i.e., infrastructure providers, tower owners, wireless carriers, mobile device manufacturers, and app developers.


Ersan Company

Ersan is a steel structure manufacturing company located in Turkey with the annual capacity of 50K tons of Steel and 70K tons of galvanization employing 250 personal. Ersan has a great growing momentum from moment of the establishment in 1998 till now and exported its products to 82 countries in 5 continents. Years of experience in the telecommunication market brings ERSAN’s experience forward with its design and engineering team highlights its innovative attitude while carrying out its aesthetic and universal design works. ERSAN designs and manufactures bolted and welded tower lattice or monopole design together with innovative solutions.



Generac is a world leader in designing and manufacturing backup power generation equipment. Generac has the widest range of backup power products in the market, standing out in diesel and gas gensets manufacture with ranges up  to 100 MW. The Generac’s main objective is to provide reliable energy solutions 24/7, anytime, anywhere. For more information, visit our website.



Founded in 2017, LOTOI is an Argentinian engineering and construction firm specialised in metal structures. The company has recently opened a new factory in Paraguay and aims to expand across other CALA markets.


Polar Power Inc

Polar Power, Inc. (POLA), designs, manufactures and sells direct current, or DC, power systems, lithium battery powered hybrid solar systems for applications primarily in the telecommunications market. Polar’s systems provide reliable and low-cost energy for applications for off-grid and bad-grid applications with critical power needs that cannot be without power in the event of utility grid failure. Our systems integrate DC Generators, Solar PV, DC Air-conditioning, and batteries.  Our Hybrid Solar Systems provide reliable power with very low maintenance and operational costs. Our Prime Power DC Generators provide very low fuel consumption, low maintenance with 3,000-hour oil change interval and long generator life. Our Backup DC Generators provide compact, lightweight, minimum fuel storage providing long reserve.


Sabre Industries, Inc.

Sabre Industries, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of communications towers.  As one of the largest tower providers in the world, Sabre engineers and manufactures guyed towers, self-supporting towers, monopoles, concealment products, Small Cell/DAS products and tower components.  Sabre’s custom-engineered structures are designed to carry light to heavy accessory loads for the towerco industry.  Sabre has experience in shipping to countries throughout the world.  Our guyed and self-supporting towers come in welded or knock down sections and are perfect for international shipments.  We also offer camouflaged monopoles in a variety of options, such as palm trees, Elm trees and flag poles.



SerEnergy Provides green power for the future for backup and  offgrid/Hybrid solutions. We use a Methanol fuel cell technology, that provides a silent, clean and sustainable energy source which can be available for anyone and anywhere.

SerEnergy’s story began in the year 2006 and is today one of the leading manufacturers and developers of methanol fuel cell systems. Being a part of German based Fischer Group with 2500 employees, we have a strong financial base for further developing our business.

From our headquarter in Aalborg, Denmark  we have built a worldwide customer base with hundreds of working units installed.



STULZ is a leading global high energy efficiency solutions provider for all telecom and  mission critical applications.  Our expertise is in designing and manufacturing the precision temperature and humidity control solutions. STULZ offers a full line of precision air conditioners, air handlers, ultrasonic humidifiers, desiccant dehumidifiers and custom solutions following our philosophy of “User Driven – Custom Designed – Purpose Built’. Data centers, clean rooms, Edge , Telecom and Tower applications and Industry 4.0, no matter your application, STULZ has a solution. STULZ has developed fully loaded Micro and Modualr Data Centers specifically for the Telcom and Tower Application. Please visit our website for more information or email us info@stulz-ats.com


Valmont® Structures

Valmont® Structures earned its global leadership position through engineering expertise, manufacturing process honed over time and a reputation for product durability that is decades in the making. The reliability of your network can’t afford anything less. No matter how your wireless network grows and changes over time, Valmont offers the structures to evolve with it. We supply self-supporting towers, guyed towers, portable and monopole towers as well as our industry leading SitePro1 components. Valmont also has the most robust selection of engineered small cell solutions for any application. At Valmont we are building structures for the next generation of communications.



vHive is the only software solution that enables enterprises to deploy drone hives to digitize their field operations and assets.

From mission planning and execution to data processing, vHive enables non-expert users to fly low-cost, off-the-shelf drones and successfully complete surveys of any shape or size.

vHive works with some of the world’s largest tower companies, successfully digitizing thousands of towers, generating accurate, measurable 2D, 3D, 360 degree and analytics results for both engineering and for inspection.

vHive ensures the safety of your staff, reduces operational costs by an order of magnitude and generates data and insights like never before.


Asentria provides solutions for mobile network and tower operators to manage power, security, and environmental issues at remote cell sites from their network operations center.  Telecom sites are evolving to include many new intelligent subsystem controllers for DC rectifiers, generators, cameras, access controllers, and HVAC.

Asentria securely integrates these sub-systems into our hardware based site controller to present a single interface for management of power, security and environment at remote sites.  Beyond simple alarming, Asentria generates data for comparative site analysis and provides remote access to the underlying systems for OPEX reducing cell site optimization.

Caban Systems

Caban Systems designs and manufactures software enabled energy storage systems for the telecommunications industry. The systems are vertically integrated and can accept power produced form solar and wind. We serve remote areas and urban areas supporting critical infrastructure.

Caban Systems is unique to the market, as a battery manufacturer our systems last over 10 years – which consequently reduces cost and maintenance. Our software enables clients to monitor and manage the use of energy remotely. Caban’s approach is to centralize the use of power for TowerCo’s, yielding to collocation of power in a single site. Caban has a strong impact, not only social but also environmental.


Camusat is one of the global leaders in the telecom infrastructure service industry, with over 2,900 employees and operations across five continents working on 5 business lines (telecom site construction and installation, power systems & renewable energy, active equipment installation, fixed & fiber networks deployment and managed services). 

In 2017, Camusat formed Aktivco, its in-house financial vehicle with capabilities to deploy its investments in energy projects. In this interview, Thibaut De Rodellec, Chief Investment Officer at Camusat and CEO of Aktivco, shares his perspectives on the ESCO (energy service company) model, its applicability to the CALA telecom industry and the type of savings customers can expect.

iTTel Argentina

We are a company located in Argentina, specialized in integral telecommunications infrastructure deployment. We implement and trust in a business model that provides a significant added value and makes sustainables relationships with providers and telecommunication operators. We own the most strategic fiber optics backbones in Buenos Aires in which we deploy a tower net providing services to all the telecommunication companies in Argentina. The quality of our infrastructure, technology applied to our ever-growing processes and the professionalism of the human beings in our team, allows us guarantee record implementations and provide as well, services with an SLA over 99.9%

Neutral Networks

Neutral Networks is a neutral owner and operator of telecommunications assets in Mexico, providing neutral solutions via three main services: BTS towers, ethernet, and dark fiber. Our expanding portfolio includes 265 towers across 27 states and over 3000 friendly sites. With our tailored collocation solutions and leasing spaces on towers, we provide a reliable way for carriers and operators to increase their network, developing infrastructure according to their needs. Neutral Networks is part of Even Group, leader in telecom infrastructure development and operation in Mexico. 

For more information, visit our website.


Voltalia is an international renewable energies company producing electricity from many sources (wind, solar power, hydropower and biomass combining storage solutions), with 1GW of installed capacity by 2020.

It also provides services to independent customers. Voltalia operates in 20 countries over 4 continents and is able to act worldwide on behalf of its customers. Voltalia has defined local development as a key element in its relationship with all its partners. This core characteristic enables Voltalia Group to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust with all the stakeholders involved in its projects, from development right through to operation.

Media partner:

National Association of Tower Erectors

The National Association of Tower Erectors is dedicated to providing a unified voice for tower erection, service and maintenance companies and recognized as the tower industry leader in promoting safety, education, uniform practices and procedures.

Media partner:

AGL Group

Now in its tenth year of publication, AGL (Above Ground Level) has established is the authoritative source of regulatory, financial, business and technical information for wireless infrastructure professionals.

It is the only magazine written specifically for the antenna site decision-makers in the wireless industry.

Four times a year, AGL publishes DAS and Small Cells Magazine, which is contained in AGL magazine and is distributed digitally to an additional circulation list.

AGL publishes wireless infrastructure news at agl-mag.com and in highly targeted email newsletters: AGL Bulletin, the DAS Bulletin and the Backhaul Bulletin.

Media partner:

Inside Towers

Inside Towers is a media outlet serving the wireless infrastructure industry. Its digital newsletter’s coverage is extensive and delivered straight to your inbox at 6 a.m. each day. Its veteran editorial staff provides breaking, relevant and actionable news regarding data centers, macro towers, 5G, DAS and small cells, in-building, emerging technologies and so much more. 

With 20+ media partnerships, Inside Towers is able to cover key industry events, so you stay up to speed. Tens of thousands of subscribers, web users and social media followers rely on Inside Towers, day in and day out, to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry. Inside Towers also offers a tower database powered by OneVizion, that leverages and organizes FCC data and a telecom directory, Tower-Pro.com, where you can search over 3,500 company listings by name, category or location.

Media partner:

Telecom Finance

Media partner:

Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation