Meetup Asia 2017 Roundtables

35+ interactive roundtables connect you with experts, potential partners and your most important peers

Hosted by a moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise, and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event.

Roundtable I – Day 1, Tuesday, 12 December @ 11:45am 
Concurrent with Technology Working Group A: Energy Management and Optimisation

01 A Lessons learned on reducing cost of towerco financing
Sander Hamersma, Managing Director, Head of TMT Asia Pacific, Mizuho Bank

01 B Country focus: Vietnam
John Seet CEO, SEATH (OCK)

01 C Country focus: China #1
Guo Fang, VP of Infrastructure and Development, Miteno

01 D Country focus: Australia & New Zealand (keep here; already notified Tom sked)
Tom Andrews, Managing Director, Aird Towers

01 E Accelerating build-to-suit, construction and colocation
Spencer Crawford-White, Chief Technical Officer, Delmec

01 F How towercos and MNOs can prepare for 5G
Chuan Wei Lim, Partner, Analysys Mason

01 G Connecting the 4 billion unconnected: new business models for rural connectivity
Troy Etulain, Digital Development Director, Mobile Solutions Technical Assistance and Research (mSTAR)

01 H What factors govern the number of towercos a market can sustain? Competition, M&A and consolidation dynamics
Enda Hardiman, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications

01 I Optimising towerco and MNO workforce management and site access control
V Bhaskar Babu, India Vice President Sales, Business Development Global Accounts, Acsys

01 J Successful green deployments in the tower sector
Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, Director & CEO, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure

Roundtable II – Day 1, Tuesday, 12 December @ 4:25pm 
Concurrent with Technology Working Group B: Site Design and Improvement

02 A In-building solutions (IBS): market evolution and lessons learned from Japan and Vietnam
Atsushi Tanaka, Director Representative, JTOWER

02 B CFO Forum
Thivanka Rangala, CFO, edotco Group

02 C Country focus: Pakistan
Shah Faisal S. Khattak, Head of Infrastructure Development, Telenor Pakistan

02 D Country focus: Indonesia
Kingston Pang, Managing Director, Redpeak Advisers

02 E Regulatory Focus Group
Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, IFC

02 F Carving out a niche as a private, independent towerco versus larger-scale incumbents
Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, Director & CEO, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure

02 G Case studies on reducing OPEX costs at bad-grid and off-grid sites
Elena Gatcheva, VP Strategic Partnerships, METKA IPS

02 H Verification and validation of on-site activities leading to quantified time saving, OPEX reduction, asset utilization and accurate billing
Ankur Lal, CEO, Infozech

02 I Tips in choosing and deploying a site and portfolio management system
Adhiraj Singh Bisht, Account and Sales Director, Asia Pacific, Tarantula

02 J Exploring the Neutral Host model
Mark Pittick, VP, Neutral Host Platform, ip.access

Roundtable III – Day 2, Wednesday, 13 December @ 12:05pm
Concurrent with TWG C: Site Monitoring, Management and Optimisation

03 A Regulatory challenges in India’s tower industry and the ways forward
Tilak Raj (TR) Dua, Director General, TAIPA

03 B Operational and management excellence to successful tower monetisation
Chuck Green, Board Director edotco / Executive Chairman Helios Towers Africa

03 C Country focus: Sri Lanka
Mohan Villavarayan, Country Managing Director, edotco Sri Lanka

03 D Country focus: China #2
Hu Gang, GM of Finance & Administration, Guodong Networks

03 E Country focus: Myanmar
Wai Khee Yap, Group CEO, OCK Group Berhad

03 F In-House Counsel Forum
Robert Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins

03 G Business diversification: do towercos want to be ESCOs?
Ir Nalini Subramaniam, Director of Engineering edotco Group
Ramkirtan Nair, Pricing Analyst, edotco Group

O3 H Pricing considerations and common pitfalls to avoid with your commercial negotiations
Simon McFadden, GM Sales, Product & Business Development, Broadcast Australia

03 I In-building solutions (IBS): Case study for the neutral host market based on field proven DAS
Henry (Hyeon) Woo, Vice President, SOLiD Inc

03 J Strengthening structures versus optimising equipment
Spencer Crawford-White, Chief Technical Officer, Delmec

Roundtable IV – Day 2, Wednesday, 13 December @ 3:05pm
Concurrent with Technology Working Group D: Small Cell and DAS

04 A Tower monetisation: charting your strategic sale and/or IPO path
Kingston Pang, Managing Director, Redpeak Advisers

04 B How rating agencies analyse towercos
Nidhi Dhruv, Vice President – Senior Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service

04 C Tower maintenance: standards and best practices in China
Liu Wendong, VP, Beijing Rui Lan Zuo Yue (RLZY)

04 D Country focus: India
Sachin Gupta, Managing Director, New Street Capital Asia

04 E Building a holistic towerco catalogue: RANsharing and alternative solutions
Subhash Devan, COO, Naza Communications

04 F Enabling rural deployment to enhance coverage
Wai Khee Yap, Group CEO, OCK Group Berhad
Hillary Chua, Chief Financial Officer, OCK Group Berhad

04 G Evolving roles of towerco sales and marketing
Indra Gunawan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Protelindo

To suggest a topic for discussion or enquire about hosting a session, please contact Arianna Neri, Managing Director, Americas and Asia.

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