Meetup Asia 2019 Roundtables

The 2018 Meetup is now closed. If you are interested in attending, speaking or sponsoring/exhibiting the 2019 Meetup, please get in touch with us at Please feel free to review the 2018 Meetup details below. The 2019 details will be up shortly.

35+ interactive roundtables connect you with experts, potential partners and your most important peers

Hosted by a moderator, roundtable discussion groups bring together a cross section of the tower industry supply chain to share ideas, expertise, and challenges around specified topics or markets. Each roundtable will assemble up to 20 executives and will last an hour. With two roundtable sessions scheduled on each day, participants will have the opportunity to join four roundtables during the course of the event.

To suggest a topic for discussion or enquire about hosting a session, please contact Arianna Neri, Managing Director, Americas and Asia.

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Latest list of confirmed roundtables as of November 23

SESSION 1 – 12:15pm on Tuesday, December 4

  • 1A. Country focus: Pakistan
    - Moqeem ul Haque, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)

  • 1B. A new paradigm for Indian towercos between MNO consolidation and towercos M&A
    - Biswajit Patnaik, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Bharti Infratel

  • 1C. Fiberising Indonesia: towercos’ strategy and the growing role of fibre in the country
    - Steve Weiss, CFO, Protelindo

  • 1D. Equity markets: how do investors evaluate MNOs, towercos and their strategies
    - Gulfraz Qayyum, Managing Director, Citigroup

  • 1E. Potential synergies and collaboration between towercos, operators and fibre providers
    - William Heapy, Director, Planning & Strategy, Axicom

  • 1F. Overcoming poor grid connectivity: what are the best solutions for towercos in off-grid areas?
    - Aashish Khadsare, Commercial Manager, Apollo Towers

  • 1G. A towerco perspective on sustainable green initiatives in Asia
    - Tushar Kapadia, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, GTL Infrastructure

  • 1H. Satellite Innovations Overcoming Barriers to Connectivity
    - Rick Abbasi, Senior Advisor, Customer Solutions Engineering, Intelsat

  • 1J. Site facilities evolution to 5G era
    – Haijun Wu, VP of Telecom Energy Product Department, Huawei and Xiaowei Zhang, Senior Manager of Energy Product Department, Huawei

  • 1K. Dealing with land contracts: how do you accelerate the permitting process and optimize your agreements
    - Anita Anwar, Vice President, Property Management, Protelindo

  • 1. International Digital Infrastructure Alliance (IDIA) meeting
    – by invitation only

  • 1. Vendor briefing: Ascend Telecom Infrastructure
    – by invitation only

SESSION 2 - 14:30 on Tuesday, December 4

  • 2A. Latest from down-under: Australia & New Zealand
    - Tom Andrews, Managing Director, Aird Towers

  • 2B. Identifying and attracting investors in Asia: What are their needs and expectations?
    – - Eric Crabtree, Chief Investment Officer, IFC

  • 2C. Accurate portfolio valuation: what is the real value of your assets and how do you successfully structure a sale?
    - Sachin Gupta, Partner, Delta Partners

  • 2D. Fiberising India: RoW and other challenges in the path towards Smart Cities
    - Tilak Raj Dua, Director General, TAIPA

  • 2E. Country focus: Myanmar
    - Sachin Gupta, Partner, Delta Partners Khaled Habbal, VP and COO, IPT PowerTech

  • 2F. A debate on the goods and the bads of entering a new market: from the license process to local currency contracts
    – Akshay Grover, Chief Investment Officer, iSON Towers

  • 2G. Digital in-building: how to effectively deploy small cells across Asia
    – Zhibing Xu, VP of Wireless Small Cell Product Line, Huawei and Mark Easton, Principal Consultant of CTO, Huawei

  • 2H. The potential irruption of a third operator in Philippines: what is the regulation and market requirements for the tower industry to develop?
    – Alan Fernandez, Head, Business Development, ISOC Infrastructure

  • 2. Technology working group on energy management:
    - Alka Asthana, CTO, Bharti Infratel
    - Tushar Kapadia, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, GTL Infrastructure
    - Sushil Kumar Chaturvedi, Director & CEO, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure
    - Kumari Nalini Subramaniam, Regional Director of Engineering, edotco Group
    - Fahmi Pahlevi, Head of Technology PMO, Indosat Ooredoo
    - PT Pawar, Senior Specialist - Energy Management, edotco Group

SESSION 3 – 12pm on Wednesday, December 5

  • 3A. Opportunities and business case for small data centres in Asia - are they a natural evolution for towercos?
    - Vinod Nair, Senior Partner, Delta Partners

  • 3B. What to expect from the newly launched Bangladeshi tower regime?
    - Marc Perusat, Managing Partner, TASC Towers

  • 3C. Is IoT a real opportunity for towercos and MNOs?
    - Joe Komadina, General Manager, Cyient Communication Business

  • 3D. Best practices in fiberising networks towards LTE (and 5G)
    - Syed Buland Iqbal, Project Manager – Fibre Deployment, Jazz

  • 3E. How to successfully structure and price long term contracts
    - Natalie Lamb, Senior Professional Support Attorney, Vinson & Elkins RLLP

  • 3F. Energy efficiency: what role for renewables in today’s tower industry
    - Kumari Nalini Subramaniam, Regional Director of Engineering, edotco Group

  • 3G. Understanding 5G requirements: which spectrum will be utilised and equipment deployed?
    - Stephen Farrugia, CTO, Broadcast Australia

  • 3H. Data collection and utilisation
    – Ankur Lal, CEO, Infozech

  • Vendor briefing: Bharti Infratel
    – by invitation only

SESSION 4 – 15:15 on Wednesday, December 5

  • 4A. Beyond macro-towers: what do MNOs need to build in Asia (and how can towercos help)
    - Gary Harnett, Tower Sharing Manager, MPT Joint Operation

  • 4B. How regulation should support infrastructure sharing
    - Frederic Werner, Head of Strategic Engagement, International Telecommunication Union

  • 4C. What are the benefits and risks of going public and who would be next in Asia?
    – Kingston Pang, Managing Director, Redpeak Advisers

  • 4D. Optimisation and efficiency: how can towercos reduce cost through technology and lean management?
    - Sander van Litsenburg, Vice President, Engineering & QHSE, Protelindo

  • 4E. Managing maintenance, energy and security partners: transferrable lessons learned
    - Gordon Porter, VP – Operations, IHS Towers