TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2019 – Interactive roundtable sessions

Country focus

– Vietnam: exploring the impact of MNO privatisation and potential carve outs

– Indonesia’s changing landscape: prospects of foreign investment, private equity exits and MNO sales

– Australia: 5G transition and market overview

– Cambodia: the irruption of Chinese investors and future growth drivers

– India: is the market finally moving towards its final shape?

– Bangladesh: the complexities of setting up a towerco regime – an update

– Myanmar: juggling BTS growth and operational hurdles

Finance/strategic focus

Growth beyond traditional macro towers: the investor’s take

– Are data centres the next venture for Asian towercos?

Growth vs. returns: what model is more attractive to investors?

Towerco perspective: integrating and monetising fibre

– Exploring Asian untapped markets: regulation barriers, risk and opportunities

– M&A outlook: what are the latest deals and where are the most attractive opportunities?

– Navigating Southeast Asia: volatility, currency exposure and main risks

– Who are the new funds and investors bringing money to Asia and what are they looking for?

– Convergence and integration: how are data centres and fibre impacting towercos’ valuation and business model?

Operational focus

– Overlays or new architectures: How are towercos and MNOs upgrading their network in preparation for 5G?

– Understanding 5G requirements: spectrum, new typologies and equipment

– Cutting down cost and driving efficiencies: optimisation and technological innovation

– Green initiatives across Asia: success stories and innovation examples

– Beyond macro-towers: the evolution of digital connectivity towards 5G

– The shift from towerco to infraco: succeeding at deploying fibre, small cells and beyond

– IBS: best practices in deploying indoor solutions across Asia

The final list of roundtable topics and discussion leaders will be announced shortly.

To suggest a topic for discussion or enquire about hosting a session, please contact Arianna Neri, Managing Director, Americas and Asia.

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