TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2019 Roundtables

Join over 30 roundtable discussions throughout the two days of the event:

Roundtable Session One: 9th April

1A Olivier Huart, CEO, TDF How collaboration can drive growth in wireless infrastructure
1B Natalie Lamb, Senior Lawyer, and Robert Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins RLLP MLA/MSA implications in light of IFRS16
1C Colin Cunningham, CEO, Cignal The economics of rural rollout in Europe
1D Darragh Stokes, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications What’s an MNO to do? Carve outs vs JVs vs sale and leaseback
1E David Porte, SVP International, SBA Communications Comparing the pros and cons of cross-border portfolios and the scale needed to make them work
1F Paolo Crochetti, Head of Institutional Affairs, EI Towers The operational challenges of urban rollout
1G Cara Mascini, CEO and Founder, EdgeInfra Defining the scope of ‘5G infrastructure’ and identifying the verticals which sit most closely together
1H Laurent Benet, Head of Strategy, Innovation and Business Development, ATC France Managing relationships between multiple stakeholders when rolling out in urban areas
1J Antony Tomlinson, CEO, Ontix Who / what needs to change if we want small cell densification to happen now?

Roundtable Session Two: 9th April

2A Mirko Masi, Director Technology, Global Operations, Cellnex Telecom The new service challenges of convergence: ensuring efficiency and excellent customer service as towercos diversify across new verticals
2B Rhys Phillip, CEO, CTIL and Denis Coakley, COO, CTIL Upgrading passive infrastructure ahead of 5G rollout
2C Jonathan Dann, Partner, Greenhill Capital IPOs: on the agenda for 2019?
2D Anders Smedberg, CEO, Tarantula Managing tower portfolios as digital infrastructure enters a state of flux
2E Doruk Sazer, Head of Strategy, Global Tower How towercos need to transform to meet the developing needs of new and existing tenants
2F Jorge Jimenez, CEO, Axion How independent ownership can enable existing infrastructure to deliver better against 5G needs
2G Christopher Ehrke, Partner, Arcus Infrastructure Partners Investing in digital infrastructure in Europe
2H Gulfraz Qayyum, Managing Director TMT, CitiGroup How new infrastructure models in Europe are being driven by a shift in towerco/MNO dynamics
2J Michele Vitale, Head of IR, INWIT Italy

Working Group: Enabling collaboration between neutral host infrastructure providers and local government in the context of 5G

Roundtable Session Three: 10th April

3A Johnny Ekstrom, CFO, TT Networks Scandinavia
3B Paul Ayres, COO, Connected Kerb The role of startups in the digital infrastructure mix
3C Spencer Crawford White, CTO, Delmec How will skill requirements change as portfolios evolve and what are towercos, MNOs and service providers doing to keep their skills mix relevant?
3D Rani Ariss, VP EMEA, Acsys International Ltd Managing site access and security as increasing numbers of towers become considered critical national infrastructure
3E Alexander Chub, President, Russian Towers Identifying the use cases which will drive 5G rollout and the demands they will put on the network
3F Graham Payne, CEO, Digital Colony UK Digital Infra Platform Indoor and outdoor small cells
3G Terry Rhodes, CEO, Eaton Towers Towerco value growth: opportunities in consolidation, acquisition and build to suit
3H Jason Day, VP Sales, Telecom and Utilities, Accruent Collecting and utilizing data to deliver efficiency at both site and organizational level

Working Group: Changing operational needs in Europe: resilience, technology and the shifting scope of infrastructure offerings

Room J: Investment Hub

Roundtable Session Four: 10th April

4A Arthur Akopyan, Managing Director, UFG Russia
4B Alex Rabbetts, Managing Director, European Data Centre Association Datacentres 101
4C Conor Plant, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications Where next? Identifying the European geographies which could support independent towerco growth
4D Akshay Grover, Chief Investment Officer, iSON towers Emerging markets
4E David Crawford, MD Telecoms and M2M, Arqiva UK
4F Nikolay Berdin, CEO, Service-Telecom Who is best placed to roll out new towers and points of presence in Europe? MNOs, JVs, carve outs or independent towercos?
4G Tony Kilarney, CEO, Towercom Ireland
4H Dmitry Popov, Head of Technical Department, Russian Towers Managing the proliferation of points of presence needed for 5G rollout: power, equipment and integration

Working Group: Data utilisation and visualisation

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