TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2019 Roundtables

Attendees took part in over 40 roundtable discussions throughout the two days of the event:

Session 1: 17 April 11.50

Invitation-only session:

Buyer Briefing – Wireless Infrastructure Group


01 A Andrey Glukhov, CFO, Vertical: Reducing operating costs
01 B David Porte, Vice President – International, SBA: Comparing the US and European tower markets
01 C Jonathan Dann, Managing Director, RBC: IPOs in Europe – what works?
01 E Chuck Green, Non-Exec Director, edotco: Tower value crystallization for MNOs without sale & leaseback – can “truly independent” towercos create more value than a majority MNO-owned towerco?
01 F Rani Ariss, VP Sales, Acsys: The importance of monitoring and managing site access in ever growing European portfolios
01 G Marc Perusat, Managing Partner, TASC: Towers in the Middle East
01 H James Maclaurin, Non-Exec Director, Dialog Axiata and ex founder, edotco: How towercos can futureproof their business plans
01 I Jason Day, VP Telecom and Utilities, Accruent: Exploring how tighter asset management can deliver better margins in developed markets
01 J Jack Colbourne, Partner, Arcus: What drives value for European investors
01 K Enda Hardiman, Managing Partner, Hardiman Telecommunications: Valuing European towers

Session 2: 17 April 13.50

Invitation-only session:

Working Group: The operational challenges of moving from a real estate to a service model


02 A Jorge Alberto Jimenez, CEO, Axion: The role of broadcast towers in 5G infrastructure
02 B Nihat Narin, CEO, Global Tower: Turkey
02 C Sergio Tortola, Deputy Global Operations Director, Cellnex: Sale and leaseback in Europe: what are the benefits?
02 D Colin Cunningham, CEO, Cignal: Ireland
02 E David Crawford, CEO, Arqiva: Is there a place for the ‘real estate’ towerco model in the future network?
02 F Rob Dixon, Partner, Vinson & Elkins: The Electronic Communications Code
02 G Morag Pollack, General Manager, Towercom: Health and safety needs for European towers
02 H Gerry Collins, Director, Mobile Network Operator Product Management, Intelsat and Emmanuel Leonard, Business Development Director, Helios Towers: Delivering rural coverage is a requirement and an opportunity. How can this be delivered in a cost effective way?
02 I Alastair Davidson, Director, Wireless Infrastructure Group: Recognition of the benefits of independent neutral host infrastructure model in regulatory and policy frameworks
02 J Marc Merlini, Director Business Development, JCDecaux Link: How will future network needs drive the entry of new players into communications infrastructure, and how will existing relationships change?

Session 3: 18 April 11.20

Invitation-only Sessions:

Rising Stars – Led by Chuck Green
11.35-13.00 Wireless Infrastructure Regulatory Working Group Meeting


03 A Mansoor Hanif, ex-Director of RAN, EE: The three cornerstones of 5G infrastructure
03 B Alexander Chub, President, Russian Towers: Russia
03 C Senior speaker, Tarantula: How to select the right software to support your towerco business
03 D Donal O’Shaughnessey, Chairman, Cignal: Making the business case for rural towers in Europe
03 E Scott Coates, CEO, WIG: The role of towercos in fibre rollout
03 F Dmitry Filatov, Director, Business Development, Service Telekom: Inorganic growth: how to play to your strengths through integration
03 G Juliette Wallace, Business Planning & Property Director, MBNL: Landlords and leasing
03 H Nikos Antoniou, Principal Category Manager Property, Vodafone Procurement Company: Small cells: yesterday’s news?
03 I Rhys Phillip, CEO, CTIL: The future for operator-owned infracos and JVs
03 J Sergey Pliassak, Investment Advisor, Logycom: Towers in the CIS

Session 4: 18 April 13.30

Invitation-only Session:

TowerXchange MENA focus session


04 A Paolo Crochetti, Director of Institutional Affairs, EI Towers: Small scale acquisitions to drive portfolio growth
04 B Chuck Green, Non-Exec Director, edotco: Comparing towers in Europe, Asia and Africa
04 C Oscar Pallarols, Director of Innovation and Product Strategy, Cellnex: Prioritising technologies for towerco investment
04 D Eric Crabtree, CIO, IFC: Wireless infrastructure in emerging European markets
04 E Terry Rhodes, Co-Founder and Director, Eaton Towers: How to scale a towerco
04 F Rustem Umerov, MD, Astem: Identifying opportunities in Europe’s emerging markets
04 G Scott Coates, CEO, Wireless Infrastructure Group: UK
04 H Suruchi Ahuja, CFO, Tillman Infrastructure: Digital Cities: an holistic approach to upgrading urban infrastructure
04 I Youlia Lozanova, Telecommunication Development Bureau, International Telecommunication Union: Regulatory challenges in Europe

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