TowerXchange Meetup Europe 2019 Roundtables

Join over 40 roundtable discussions throughout the two days of the event:

Country-specific discussions:

– Germany
– Spain
– France
– Russia
– UK
– Ireland
– Scandinavia
– Italy
– Turkey

Operational discussions:

– Taking European assets beyond real estate: the operational changes needed to manage a portfolio
– How do towercos manage their towers and what could MNOs learn from towerco management strategies
– Identifying and overcoming the regulatory and bureaucratic barriers which are slowing the rollout of urban infrastructure
– Who is best placed to roll out new towers and points of presence in Europe? MNOs, JVs, carve outs or independent towercos?
– The pressure for tower upgrades and strengthening in order to support 5G rollout
– The anatomy of a European tower: where are tower owners investing capex right now and why?
– How will skill requirements change as portfolios evolve and what are towercos, MNOs and service providers doing to keep their skills mix relevant?
– Exploring the impact of drone technology on opex, health and safety and portfolio management

Strategic discussions:

– What is a European tower worth and why?
– Comparing the pros and cons of cross-border portfolios and the scale needed to make them work
– What’s an MNO to do? Carve outs vs JVs vs sale and leaseback
– Towerco value growth: opportunities in consolidation, acquisition and build to suit
-IPOs: on the agenda for 2019?
-The impact of IFRS 16 on towerco business models
– The ‘service’ model – risk or evolution?
– Where next? Identifying the European geographies which could support independent towerco growth

Convergence discussions:

– Defining the scope of ‘5G infrastructure’ and identifying the verticals which sit most closely together
– Comparing European fibre to the US and Asia – where do we need to go next?
– Fibre 101
– Datacentres 101
– Towercos 101
– DAS and indoor connectivity solutions
– How independent ownership can enable existing infrastructure to deliver better against 5G needs
– The migration from an RF to an IT network: timescales and what it will mean for infrastructure
– Identifying the use cases which will drive 5G rollout and the demands they will put on the network

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