Towerxchange Europe Breakout Sessions

Unique buyer-led task forces tackling technology issues and limitations

Working Group one

Working group 1: Changing operational needs in Europe: resilience, technology and the shifting scope of infrastructure offerings – 11.45 – 12.45, Wednesday 10 April

Working group 2: Rolling out urban infrastructure in Europe – evaluating technologies and cost effective O&M strategiess – 14.00 – 15.00, Wednesday 10 April

Designed to enable peer-led evaluation of technologies and solutions by tower owners themselves, seats at the working group tables are strictly reserved for executives from towercos or invited event sponsors and exhibitors.

Our priority for these sessions is to elicit the requirements and experiences of towercos – to learn from their challenges and successes. If you are a towerco in attendance we invite you to take part in these highly constructive debates as we map out product limitations, requirements and trials and act as a focussed industry task force. Similarly, if you are in the process of evaluating different suppliers prior to making a procurement decision, the working groups will equip you with vital information and key questions to ask when assessing different vendors.

After information gathering from the MNOs and towercos, we invite selected vendors to enter the discussion, succinctly sharing their perspectives and tailored solutions/ product developments to address some of the issues raised.

All vendors have been notified prior to the event as to their eligibility to join this session. If you have not been notified, you will be unable to actively participate in the discussion but we invite you to take a seat around the edge of the room to listen to the session. Please contact Annabelle Mayhew to discuss eligibility.

Due to the popularity of these sessions, we request that only one person per company join each working group.

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